My guilty pleasure

Every now and then, I debate fundamentalist Christians on some topic because I feel like something with a little more intellectual zing than Will & Grace or Daria but don’t actually want something outright constructive.

I had a long blog post about one such debate I had on the ACL Facebook page.  Specifically their post on their webcast “Defining Marriage”.  Then WordPress ate it.  I refreshed the conversation to start again, only to find the following comment had been added:

Jesus died on the cross for all our sins, so as sinful as you view the behaviour of those who are not heterosexual, they will still be side by side with you in heaven so long as they believe in God. So I suggest you get along with them on Earth because you will be spending all eternity in Heaven with them. God Bless.

Don’t you just want to reach out and give this guy a hug (and not just because he’s saved you from a long post)?  I know I do. Thank you!

One thought on “My guilty pleasure

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