Being thankful, the weekly ritual – first week on wordpress

It’s that time of the week where I write a short list of things that I am thankful for over the past seven days!

I am thankful that:

I watched Ted yesterday.  Low brow humour it is, but funny, and even touching in some spots as well.

I got to see my friend Candice for her birthday do even though she’s now about 2.5 hours away by car

I have a good dentist. I just finished a root canal treatment on Friday, and it’s been nowhere near as painful as everyone else has always suggested that it was.

I have a great workplace.  I felt like absolute crap on Wednesday, and all I had to do was let them know I wasn’t coming in.

The amazing new indian place, and the opportunity to share it with a friend I don’t get to see as much as I’d like.  It made my monday a bajillion times better.

My colleagues are my friends.  We had a great trip to Bundaberg this weekend.

I am thankful that I can look at my life today, look at Don’s life today, and be confident that I made a good decision.  Today marks the first anniversary of my being single.  I’m not glad things had to end.  I’m not glad that the call needed to be made.  But it did.  And I made the right call for me.  And apparently, I’ve made the right call for Don, who has since found an amazing new man who makes worlds more sense for him than I ever did. 🙂

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