New Schedule

So I’ve been putting things out here on an almost-daily basis.  This was when QLD news was coming thick’n’fast and really did prompt me to write every day.

I’m realising that this is unsustainable, especially as I try to edit more and bring you better quality postings while working a full-time job, having a life, and doing the housework, so here’s the plan:

2x “Proper posts” per week, or as I feel current events dictate, probably but not always a Monday and a Thursday.  There’s heaps to cover in the marriage debate, namely the Who’s who and why, some statements you should probably prepare if you’re heading into the debating side of this issue, and topics or arguments I come across while I am debating on this issue.  A “Proper Post” might also be an experience in the Cake Fairy’s kitchen. What it won’t be is some random post about some random thing.  I promise not to post about shoes as a “proper post”, for example.

1x “Be thankful” post per week, up by 11:59pm AEST every Sunday.

Hope you enjoy the new schedule – I think I’m going to.  The first proper post will be on Tuesday – I’m going to talk about “Why I Want To Get Married”.

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