How you can help with GLBTI equality

Today has seen landmark traffic arriving at my blog, thanks to the inclusion of the address in the first article run in the Observer: Living Out and Proud is Accepted. (There’s a video interview there too).  I was amazed to find out I was on page three with a headline on the front page!  

So I want to give people coming here from the newspaper some options to help move Marriage Equality forward: 

1. There are heaps of Facebook groups around centred around Marriage Equality, seek and ye shall find…  I’m a member of:

2. If you’re interested in Marriage Equality news I’d suggest you sign up to the Australian Marriage Equality Newsletter

3. If you’re for Marriage Equality, please find out where your MP stands, and take the time to email them and your senators – easy to do from the above link.

4. If you’re a Queenslander, I would encourage you to sign this petition not to alter the Surrogacy Act 2010 with changes that would recriminalise surrogacy access by same-sex couples, singles, and de facto couples of less than two years.

5. I would also encourage you to write to your State MPs to express any displeasure you may feel over the watering down of the Civil Unions Act…

6. Be vocal about your support.  It helps people struggling with sexuality or gender issues to know they’re not alone, even if they don’t know anything else about you.

7. If you’re not straight, and it’s reasonable, be out.   I know it’s not always easy or even practical, but the only way things become easier for the next person is to have and be visible role models.

Join me in making Australia a better, fairer country!

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