I missed yesterday’s thankfulness article… so I’m producing it today, and will put out my takedown of Regnerus tomorrow.

Things I am thankful for:

My friend Ed.  It’s her fault my thankfulness statement didn’t come out because she had invited me around for Dinner and drinks last night.  

Articles in the paper – they’ve been received pretty well, I’m very happy with how they turned out.  I’m still working on getting the double-page spread that was in the paper up here somehow so you can see the weekend articles in situ.

The local vet!  Champion people, who came to the rescue when Alva wasn’t well on Thursday – She’s fine now, thank you to all of you who asked after her.

“The Unknowns” – They’re my trivia team and we went to dinner and the movies on Saturday – it was a great time!

Polished wood floors – One quick lick with a mop and they’re gleaming and gorgeous… They make me feel all productive and stuff when I’m actually being very lazy… what’s not to love!

Dentists – Odd thing to be thankful for, but I just finished treatment for one painful tooth, and now I’m on to the next!

Readers!  You lovely people scored me my highest ever views-per-day on Friday with 166 views!  My previous high score was 90!  Great job guys and thanks for the love!

I’m very thankful to live in a nation where I can criticise my government.  It’s a right I’ve been exercising a lot recently, and I’m guessing I’ll be using it for another couple of years… There aren’t many countries where I could say to/about my state government  leader: “What an idiot!”

It’s Monday 16th July, and this is Dylan, being thankful!

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