eThankfulness for 29 July – Relay For Life Edition

Today and yesterday were very special days for me, and so many things I am thankful for this week centre around them.

I am grateful for:

The monumental effort that Relay For Life Organisers put in to make Gladstone’s Relay for Life so amazing

The chance to catch up with Tannum High Staff I haven’t seen in months!

The Tannum High Team that really gets into the spirit of the Relay – we always have a whacky tent and costumes and things, we really have fun while we’re there.

The event that generates such camaraderie across teams.  500-odd people joining together on the night for a fantastic cause.

The wonderful woman who gave me a cup of coffee in the small hours of themorning since its intended recipient was sleeping…

The opportunity to raise funds to fight cancer

All the people who donated, taking the funds raised for this Relay so far (still some to come in) to a record-breaking $210,000+!

The RDO tomorrow that will let me recover from the walking I did overnight.

The amazing weather that was put on for the Relay (and, incidentally, for my open house, which got visitors!)

The opportunity to memorialise those relatives I’ve lost to cancer.

For these things, and a great many more, I am truly thankful!

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