Why I’ve been slack…

Well, I debated make a statement that my blog was going to be on hiatus while I trekked across the country to Tasmania for a 3 week holiday.  I decided against it, figuring that I could maintain the blog as easily from Tasmania as QLD.  Turns out, I can’t! I really haven’t spent much time looking at the interstate news, and QLD news is almost invisible outside the state… I aim to produce an eThankfulness on Sunday, but probably won’t post again after that until I return to QLD on the 27th, provided nothing absolutely massive happens.

I recommend signing this petition by Baptist Minister Rev Carolyn Francis requesting a meeting between the PM and Christians whose views do not match those of the ACL.

I was in Tasmania for the fantastic announcement that Tasmanian Labor would push forward on marriage equality at a state level, and recently had a chance to meet with the Tasmanian Attorney General, Brian Wightman.  Our meeting was off the record as my current hosts are related to him, but he was lovely, charming and fantastically in support of the proposal.  Tasmanian Labor are to be praised for once again leading the way on LGBTI law reform.  I am proud of how far Tasmania has come! From being the last state to decriminalise homosexuality in 1997, to being the first to have legal recognition of Queer relationships in 2004 (Four years before commonwealth legislation around same-sex de facto couples), to now being ready to try for Marriage Equality in 2012.

Letters to the editor in Tasmania’s major paper, The Examiner, have been fantastic too.  For every letter I see condemning the State Government, I seem to see two pro-equality replies.  Here is a state that has gone on a journey of discovery together and predominantly arrived at the conclusion that discrimination is wrong.  

The cynic in me also says that they’ve realised that the Pink Bridal market in Australia is potentially massive… and being the first state to make gay marriage possible will bring in a much-needed capital injection to the state’s economy.

The pragmatist in me says that the motivations are of little importance since the end result is the same and is fantastic!

Congratulations Tasmania.  Congratulations Lara Giddings. Congratulations Brian Wightman.  Congratulations Tasmanian Labor.  On the front of human rights and equality, you are doing a fantastic job! 

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