eThankfulness for 19 August 2012

Today’s eThankfulness revolves around my holidays, unsurprisingly!
I am thankful for:
My fantastic hosts. You have been so very generous and I appreciate you more than you could know.
The amazing people I have met and/or caught up with so far.
The appointment-book for the coming week is looking fantastic also!
Variable weather! Qld is nice and all, but the weather is usually the same as the previous day. In Tassie you don’t have that reliability from hour to hour, and I love it!
Dad’s birthday party! Went off very well!
The people who helped cater dad’s birthday party! You took a huge load of stress from mum and me!
My parents! For lending me a car to gallivant around the state in!

I stopped at my old church today, Pilgrim Uniting in Launceston; I am further thankful for:
Pilgrim’s youth group – eloquent and wonderful as evidenced by today’s service and the “As I See It” in the newsletter… well done!
The other amazing people there. It was fantastic to see them all and catch up with them, however briefly.
The building itself is still beautiful, still magnificent. It is, and always will be, a place where I feel connected to the rest of the universe.
The work Pilgrim does – we heard today about pilgrim’s Refugee Account and how this no-interest-loan scheme has helped reunite multiple families torn apart by war, including a man in tasmania and his daughter in a Ugandan refugee camp… they hadn’t seen each other for 9 years… they also run a low-cost cafe, childcare, and much much more. Launceston without Pilgrim wouldn’t be Launceston.
Political activism – various members of pilgrim are regular protester for human rights and environmental protection….

I am thankful that I can look at my past and see involvement in such a fantastic group of people!

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