Tasmania’s first steps

 Well done Tasmania!

For those of you yet to find out, Tasmania’s Lower House passed a Marriage Equality bill.  This is groundbreaking not only for Tasmania, but nationally, as Tasmania is the first parliament to even debate and vote on a marriage equality bill, let alone pass it!

The pipe organs aren’t blasting out “Here comes the bride” in stereo quite yet though…  There’s this thing called the Upper House, the Legislative Council, or *gasp* the House of Review (Queensland, take note).  The Upper house is a second house which can require amendments, etc etc.  In Tasmania, the Legislative Councillors are primarily independents.  So far there are still five of the fifteen who haven’t indicated their support or lack thereof for the bill.  For the bill to succeed, at least three of those 5 need to vote in the affirmative.

Dear Tasmanians,  tell your legislative councillors how you feel.  Get in touch, write letters, and don’t forget to write letters to the editor in support – your politicians read those too.

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