Tasmanian marriage – MLCs say no.

In a classic “so close, yet so far” moment, the Tasmanian upper house voted on Same Sex Marriage and resulted in a negative.  Despite high hopes, it didn’t pass.

So that’s disheartening, right?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, it’s a shame they didn’t fix it this time when they could have, but that has given some breathing space to reconsider potential blind spots vis a vis Intersex and possibly word things to better prevent a High Court Challenge (and allay those fears of the Hon MLCs)

One thing I *have* been pleased about is that overall, the reasons why the MLCs didn’t pass it were (in general) reasonable concerns, and we saw none of the bilious commentary which featured in the federal debate.  Why?  I suspect because the Tasmanian LegCo doesn’t have the same party divides.  Being almost all independents, the MLCs have learned to work together on whatever they support while respecting their colleagues – since an opponent on today’s bill may be their staunchest ally on tomorrow’s.

Marriage Equality will happen in my lifetime.  I believe that barring an LNP Federal government next Federal election, it will happen within the next parliamentary term.

2 thoughts on “Tasmanian marriage – MLCs say no.

  1. I’d just add one thing: The Tasmanian legislation, or any State legislation for that matter, will be challenged in the High Court no matter how well it is drafted. That, to me, is a good thing because it will clarify the extent of the Commonwealth’s power.

    • That is a really good point, and one I was yelling at my laptop screen during the debate. Only after someone becomes first mover will we find out how it really goes!

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