Gladstone Marriage Equality Rally


So, the Gladstone Marriage Equality Rally happened on Saturday – you might have the notion that I’ve sort of been involved with it…

Above is our group photo – that’s what about 100-110 people look like (I counted 10 Shutterbugs, one of them being Shutterbug Photography CQ who took the photo above)

I’ve been on 6 different Radio Stations, including 4ZZZ, JoyFM (Listen Here) and ABC Regional (Check the links for the interviews).

Our rally went amazingly,  with 110-120 attendees including Mayor Gail Sellers.

I’ve included the speeches from our 4 fabulous speakers (and me) (Thanks to James Wragg for recording these on the day and giving me the footage)

We Have Glenn Butcher, the ALP’s endorsed State Candidate for Gladstone

Shelly Holzheimer – One of our fantastic straight allies in this town

Nerrilyn Diefenbach, Mother of a gay man.

Em and Mikayla Glossop, lesbian co-mothers

And then there’s me – I don’t need to tell you who I am, right?

I couldn’t believe the amazing response we got. We had a small contingent of local church groups over the road at Anzac Park praying for marriage – something that a vast number of LGBTIQ folks have been doing over the last few years – and we had I believe a total of 3 negative statements or gestures during the course of the march, far outweighed by the positive reactions we inspired!

After our 3km march, (and gosh it was hot!) about 40 of us retired to local restaurant Scotties for some much needed fluid replacement! Scotties was absolutely amazing and produced beautiful food for us, served by their lovely staff!

The rally made the front page of the Gladstone observer, and this is where the world first learned of my secret identity – the Caped Queersader!

Front Page of the Observer

We even made the Channel 7 regional news!

I have to say a massive thank you to the Gladstone Observer, especially Beth Young and Kara Irving, for their fantastic coverage and promotion of the event, to Radio stations ABC Regional Capricornia, HotFM, ZincFM, SeaFM, 4ZZZ and JoyFM, to SameSame, StarObserver, Doug Pollard at, Chrys Stevenson, and the myriad of others who helped garner publicity and support for this event.

I would also like to thank Gladstone Regional Council and the Gladstone branch of Queensland Police who were immensely cheerful, helpful, and supportive in organising the required permits for the rally.

Gladstone businesses also deserve a massive shout-out as so many of them helped by displaying our flyers, developed by Faye Kjattar of Squid Ink Designs.

I have to give a warm, squishy, soppy thank you to those people who I’ve been chatting with to help me cope with the craziness of all of this – I swear I would have gone sane if it wasn’t for you lovely folks, and we can’t have that!  You all know exactly who you are.

I would like to thank again our speakers who did an amazing job, Glenn Butcher, Shelly Holzheimer, Nerrilyn Diefenbach, and Em and Mikayla Glossop.

Finally, I have to thank the residents of Gladstone who made the rally the resounding success that it was, and who are currently organising new and fabulous events within the community.  Keep tabs on Queer in Gladstone via GLBTIQ Gladstone on Facebook. Plus I’m sure I’ll be doing some promoting on this blog.

Dylan Carmichael, who is currently thankful for pretty much everything in life, signing off!

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