eThankfulness 26 Nov 2012

I am thankful:

For amazing Gladstonites who have been standing up and refusing to shop at a store whose owner responded in a very negative  (homophobic) way to the Gladstone Marriage Equality Rally flyer when I asked him to put it up.  I’ve spoken to him since the incident, and he has apologised profusely, and asked how he can “make this right”.  I’ve suggested that I’m really not sure, but that posting an apology to GLBTIQ Gladstone might be an appropriate starting point.  at 3PM I pointed him towards the group, and I’m still waiting to get a request to join and post from him.  If another 24 hours pass and I haven’t heard from him again, I’ll be letting you know who it is.  I have my suspicions, but I think his apology to me is a reaction to the dead zone that the store has become.

I am grateful – to new housemate/landlord M who offered me a pet-friendly room when I announced that my house had sold.

I am grateful for the many well-wishes I’ve received from people over my impending move

I am thankful that the Rally went off with only a couple of minor hitches

I am so grateful to the Gladstone Observer for their continued coverage of the GMER – There was a full-page photo essay in the weekend observer documenting it!

I am also grateful to the Observer for having selected me as a winner in their firefighter fantasy competition.  Free firefighter 2013 calendar? Don’t mind if I do!

I am grateful, yet again, for the fantastic work friends that I have and will miss sorely when I leave Gladstone.  You’d all better let me know when you’re in Brisbane so we can do coffee or something, y’hear?

I am still overwhelmingly grateful to the population of Gladstone who made the GMER into what it was, and for the people who have started organising some once-a-month events to provide some organised GLBTIQ community here!  You guys rock!

Seriously, if you’re in Gladstone and want to meet other GLBTIQ people, check out GLBTIQ Gladstone – apart from being administered by the caped queersader, there are some very cool things going on there, including some story-sharing, coffees, picnics, and more!

Dylan from Gladstone, grateful for another week!

4 thoughts on “eThankfulness 26 Nov 2012

  1. Hi Dylan and friends of GLBTIQ,
    I have spoken to Dylan to clear up the mis-communication. We have had a lengthy chat on the phone and i feel that we have both listened to each other and understand that there is no bad feelings between us. I am sorry for any hurt that was felt when we didn’t put up the poster, however we do get lots of people asking to do so and steer away from political matters or petitions in the store. We did the same at election time. It was certainly not supposed to cause offence or any hurt. I am glad to hear that your rally went well and i do honestly hope that you are successful in your fight for equality.
    Sincerely Dave

    • Dave,
      I appreciate you taking the time to respond here, but I do not feel that the apology above says to me or to my readers that you accept any responsibility for your overly rude, self-confessedly “smart-arse” refusal, and it in fact suggests that no, you did *not* listen to me. I was not “hurt” that you didn’t put up the poster. No offence was taken at any other store who refused to display the flyer, because they did so politely. They were able to refuse without the implication that it was the specific matter of same-sex marriage that was the reason why, simply saying “We don’t put up flyers” or “No thank you”. In our phone conversation our agreed starting point for “making this right” was also that you apologise on “GLBTIQ Gladstone” (linked twice on this page, messaged once to your phone, and Private Messaged to your Facebook account). I look forward to approving your membership request for the group and reading an apology in which you accept some responsibility for your unnecessarily rude, homophobic-sounding statement.

      • Hi Dylan and friends of GLBTIQ,
        I’m replying as a man, as a citizen of gladstone. I feel desgusted of the way I acted. I’m taking resposableite and I’m sorry to not only Dylan but the hole GLBTIQ.

        I apolagising on here as I have friends on both sides of this debate. I have no problem with your comunity.
        To prove this I’m happy to support your next function to show you that I’m a lover of every one. We sponser around 50 events a year in gladstone.

        Sorry again Dylan, and I would like to catch up for a coffee to appolagise in person to show you I’m not a bad person.


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