Merry Christmas

I don’t often turn the camera in my laptop on – There’s every chance I might break it, after all.  But I decided to give you all a Christmas Carol to round out the year.

I apologise in advance for sound and video quality – it’s not like I was using a video-camera after all.  Also, my voice isn’t as perfect as I’d like – It *was* 1AM…

I went with “The First Noel” because, well, it seemed appropriate for 1AM when I started this project! I really went looking for something reflective and hopeful, but the best I could find was “Happy Christmas” by John Lennon – and frankly, it was a little too critical and pointed.  This is a time of year where we look back on the year gone, and look forward to the year ahead.  This week, for me at least, is a time of merriment, but also a time of introspection and hope.  This is a time where I tend to think about how I have been in the last year and how I want to be better in the year to come.

My impending move to Brisbane was sort of the result of this period last year – It certainly solidified into a plan of action between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I encourage you to take some time out of your busy Christmas/NYE Schedules to reflect on your lives to date and consider ways to make your new year better.  Not New Year’s Resolutions, but just think about it.  Set one achievable, measurable goal for the year, and make a plan on how to get there.  Mine was quite quantifiable – Am I in Brisbane on 31 Dec, yes, success! Aim for that – you might be surprised what this bit of reflection can do for you.

Merry Christmas,

Dylan Carmichael

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