eThankfulness – January 7 2013

As usual, it’s time for my eThankfulness column (and as usual, it’s a touch late).

I’ve just moved from Gladstone to Brisbane, and things I am thankful for this week:

I’ve crash-landed into an AWESOME place – not really suitable for me long-term as it’s not right for the Furball, but Furball is staying with friends nearby while I sort myself out.  Nice room, lovely garden oasis, lovely housemates, awesome vibe, and handy to everything!

Friends – people make or break a place, and I’m already out there and getting to know people as well as catching up with some friends who have wound up in Brisbane from Gladstone or Tassie.

The drive down – little traffic, low-level road works, it was one of the nicest Gladstone-Brisbane drives I’ve ever done.

Weather: Has been just lovely – only one real scorcher and I spent *that* swimming in a pool on the Sunshine Coast

Location: just gorgeous to go on walks through, pretty, lots of restaurants, cafes etc

Work: I’ve got a couple of positives on the horizon on the job front.

Plus I have a couple of ideas for potential software products to get moving on while I’m not working – hurrah for skills that let me produce a product without prototyping costs etc! 😀


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