An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Honourable Leader of the Opposition,

Just this weekend, you said to Australia that “Your opinion matters”. If this is true, then I would like to share my opinion (which happens to be held by the majority of the Australian Public) with you, on the topic of Marriage Equality.

All Australians in our great nation are of equal value. All Australians should have access to the same legal institutions, irrespective of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. The list of legal institutions where discrimination is still permissible is growing smaller, yet we are denied access to one of our culturally defining institutions – that of marriage. All, and only, because we love someone of the wrong gender. Or at least, wrong according to the parliament.

Australian politicians move further and further away from being relatable, from even being seen as of the same breed as Australians who do not take up the mantle of leadership. This attitude of irrelevance stems from situations where our representatives’ values, opinions, or votes, are out of step with what we as the represented believe. A case in point is my electorate. The Member for Brisbane, Teresa Gambaro (LIB), who voted against Marriage Equality after her own surveys showed 73% of her electorate were in favour of marriage equality – particularly disconcerting after a maiden speech in which she promises to listen to and represent her electorate’s views.

Do the right thing and work against discrimination. Help make your party relevant to Australians again. Aspire to and display the liberal ideal that what individuals do, provided they do not hurt others, should not be interfered with by government.

Set the Liberal Party platform to a “Yes” on Marriage Equality, or at least permit a conscience vote.
Yours Sincerely, 
Dylan Carmichael

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

  1. my email to Tony Abbott:
    I am a voter, an Australian citizen and a productive member of our Australian workforce. I am also a lesbian.

    According to you – even though I contribute to our society and I am a proud Australian – as I am a member of the LGBT community – I am somehow less a person than your straight citizens. If I am unable to have full equality that others have the luxury of – why is it that I am still expected to pay my taxes, follow the laws of Australia and not complain about being a lesser citizen???

    I would love to have an answer on this – and please dont cite christianity as a cause for your archaic beliefs – as this country is multicultural and thus needs to cater to the ENTIRE community – not just one portion of it.

    If you wish any votes to come your way from a fairly large minority (yes small but definitely not silent – eg.. The last US elections); I suggest you sit down and have a rethink of your values as a human being.

    Fiona Anderson
    born – Australia
    lives – in Australia my whole life
    children – Australian (one a voter and one soon to be – both proud supporters of the LGBT community)

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