eThankfulness – catchup-and-a-half

Well, I’ve been really slack on this eThankfulness thing, as my dad reminded me recently.  For those of you who are new to this segment, it’s a time where I reflect on the things big and small that I am thankful for.  It’s something I find puts life in perspective and helps me (and hopefully others) see that there are positive things going on in their lives.

So what am I thankful for since last time?

I have a job – I’m even a permanent!  And for an organisation whose goal is to support those who need it.  I don’t normally give away massive clues to my identity like telling my readers who I work for – but right now my employer organisations (I work for a group of four) are doing fundraising by selling “The Entertainment Book” – about $65 gets you a book of vouchers for a bunch of 25% off for dining, cheap tickets to various things, regular deals, and more. and 20% of that money goes to the organisation you purchase it from – they even have books for different regions.  I have three choices for you:

  1. Foundations Care – Childrens’ support, Foster care, Family Relationship counselling, Parenting orders, supervised access, and esteem-building or otherwise therapeutic camps.  To buy a book from them go to:
  2. Ability Care – Disability support including respite and accommodation services.  To buy a book to support them go to:
  3. Flexible Living – Aged care – respite and helping people stay independent as long as they can. To support Flexi, buy a book from:
I’m thankful in advance for your efforts on these.
I’m grateful for the fact that I have a house!  (I’m renting one) I’m very appreciative of having my own space.
I’m thankful for the fact that Gladstone is getting some queer services online and happening!  GLBTIQ Gladstone was just approached by Anna from PCYC, who is setting up a GLBTI youth group twice a month on thursdays from 4pm-5pm for under-24s!  For more information call Anna at Gladstone PCYC on 4972 3122
I’m thankful that I’ve been making friends in this town – not the least of whom are my fantastic now-ex housemates – I love you guys – and much as I love my space, I miss having you around to chatter about everything with!
I’m thankful that I seem to have landed on my feet in general, actually. This was an experiment that could have ended badly for me. But my luck held and I’m enjoying life in the city! And now? Time for sleep!

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