eThankfulness – catchup edition – 23 Oct 2012

It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy – the rally and all, y’know? – but I told myself that I was going to take time out each week to reflect and be grateful for things that happen in my life, small or large.  I haven’t been doing that, and I’m sorry.  Not an apology to you so much, my readers – the personal reflections of this blogger saying “thank you” into the void for personal situations are probably not what draws you to my blog – but I regret for myself.  The simple act of saying “thank you” for various things is tremendously cathartic, and puts the negative in perspective frequently and regularly.

Thank you, parents.  You’ve been there for me recently to haul me out of difficult situations, though half the country separates us.

Thank you, friends. During what I have to say is one of the most stressful times in my life, you have kept me laughing, smiling, and have reminded me so much and so often how wonderful my life really is, in so many ways.

Thank you, B, for reminding me how peaceful it can be to go and lay on the beach, be disconnected, and do nothing.  It’s a lesson I’ve needed to re-learn.

Thank you, NRG, for your unique blend of work and social opportunities.  You are the best place I have worked so far in my life.

Thank you, world, for irrational and spontaneous laughter.  It is truly amazing stuff.

Thank you, Kris May and Mackay Rally organisers and participants, for inspiring me to organise a similar event in Gladstone – I doubt it would happen without you.

Thank you, Gladstone’s queer community – I’ve had so much support from you over the last few days with the rally, I’m amazed!

Thank you, Margie, your tireless efforts with my property are truly appreciated.

Thank you, person who held the door for me when my hands were full.

Thank you, world, for leaving me in a situation where my concern is how much and when my house will sell, rather than whether I’ll have food or a roof over my head.

For these things, and so much more, I am truly thankful.


eThankfulness – Mackay Edition – 7 Oct 2012

So, Yesterday was the Mackay Rally for Marriage Equality (MR4ME) and so many amazing and awesome things happened I am so thankful for!

Travel – my car tyres are shot – not a big issue, and getting resolved on Tuesday, but the timing was terrible.  I certainly wasn’t going to get to Mackay in Suzi May (My Suzuki Swift) this weekend.  My workmate Tony heard the Rally was on and offered to drive me!  I was amazed, flabbergasted, and so very pleased that he would do that.

Accommodation – Courtesy of the aforementioned Tyres, and Real Estates not taking credit cards, I was an eency bit broke.  I posted on the MR4ME Facebook page, and within about an hour I had a response from someone I’d never knowingly interacted with, saying “Come stay with us!”  – I certainly couldn’t have afforded accommodation even if the rates were normal, and in Mackay they’re apparently ridiculous!

Weather – The weather on both days was absolutely incredible – a beautiful drive up and a fantastic drive back, with a great time in Mackay in-between.  

Turn-out – There were between 190 and 250 people in the rally, it stretched for a city block, and we had to wait every time we crossed a road.  We also had Senator Claire Moore (Who voted for marriage equality in the senate) address us and march with us, and the local Greens candidate Jonathon Dykyj as well!

Mr4ME Ralliers

MR4ME Taking up a block

Opposition – was invisible.  We had talked about (been told) how to handle it, but didn’t need to implement the tactic of ignoring the opposition.

The Walk itself – a great way to seem Mackay’s CBD, My friend Tony and I headed the column.  I’m very proud to be up-front on this issue.  (That’s me with the Rainbow “=” sign)

Tony and I head the column

The energy – it was fantastic to be with that many people all passionate, all supporting the one cause.  I loved every second of it!

The people – We had a great after-march party at Mackay Metro Market – a funky cafe with great food and great atmosphere on River St.   Check them out if you’re in the area!  I met so many fantastic people!  In the above photo we see Jen – self proclaimed fag hag who moved from Sydney to Mackay, just looking for a gay to call her own.  I met Kris May, the organiser, who I’ve interacted with a bit on Facebook.  I met Robin Lockman, a well-known Mackay Gay Rights activist, (and it was fantastic because *she* recognised *me* – I’m starting to feel like I’m a recognised activist! or at least a micro-celebrity…).

Probably for me, the people I really want to say thank you to in this post the most are Cheryl and Morrie.  This amazing couple put Tony and me up for the night, sight unseen, and showed us around some of the beautiful places Mackay has to offer!



Cheryl’s the one in the middle, in case you needed some help with that


And her fantastic husband Morrie.  These two wonderful people took us in, showed us amazing hospitality, and showed us around, asking for nothing in return!  Cheryl and Morrie, you are the best!  Get in touch with me any time!

What else am I thankful for… so so many things, far too many to list!  The Mackay trip has left me euphoric and hopeful for the future!  Thinking very hard about staging a Gladstone Rally in the near future!  Oh!  One thing I *am* thankful for that doesn’t centre around the rally so much, my new Real Estate agent.  She showed my house yesterday after I left for Mackay, and called me about 3 today saying “I noticed your porch light was still on. Are you ok? Do you need me to feed the dog or anything?”  I turned her down as Tony and I were just leaving Mackay to come home, but that’s a level of service I would never have expected!  (For those of you who are looking for an agent, She’s Margie Richards from PRD Nationwide – Gladstone.  If you’re selling your house, this is the woman you want!  I only wish I’d listed with her sooner.)

eThankfulness – 16 Sept 2012

I’ve been trying to sell my house recently, and it’s a tumultuous journey.  Today I had an open house and it felt more like a set-back than a step forward, even though it actually was a step forward.  This post, tonight, has brought me to some realisations about my perceptions; I am thankful for the clarity and perspective that I can view this situation now.

I am not in a bad position.  I’m 27 and own a house, on my own. In this day and age, that’s a pretty reasonable achievement!

My deadlines are arbitrary, and set by me. If I fail to achieve them, is it really failure, or was I unrealistic in setting my expectations?  If I do not sell by the appointed time, I am sure it won’t be the end of the world and that I will be able to arrange something else.

I am actually in a good position.  My primary concern is the upcoming sale of my house, and not concerns over food, shelter, physical safety, or any other basic necessities for life.

So, I am thankful.  I am thankful that I am achieving financially.  I am thankful that my timelines are not set in stone, or by someone else.  I am thankful that my largest concern pales in comparison against those who are doing it truly tough.

What are you thankful for this week?

eThankfulness for 9 Sept 2012

This week has been one of those up-and-down weeks.  It almost feels like one of those Good News/Bad News stories.  But that’s just a good example of confirmation bias and negative experiences being ten times more memorable than positive experiences.  As a result, this eThankfulness is even more important to me than usual since it makes me focus on the good things that have happened over the last week.

This week I am thankful for:

Friends with good advice!

People who inspire me to write!  In particular, I’m grateful to Zoe Brain who inspired Same-sex marriage: Equality or not?

Friends who just drop by!

Friends who help me with various things around the house – moving furniture, lending me tools, etc

My fantastic workplace.

My readers – it’s really nice to feel that my opinions matter and garner some level of respect on an objective stage.  I love hearing your comments and feedback!

Facebook – it gives me so many issues to write about, so many ways that I can make my small contribution to the GLBTI community (and other groups and issues) by lending my voice to the collective.

Don, for today validating that it’s OK to be unable to do something.  And for reminding me that I’ve become far more self-reliant over the last year than at any time prior that he knew me.(I tried to service my own car this afternoon, but physically couldn’t get the plug out of the sump…)

I’m also thankful for funny photos, the web-comics I read, and crap TV for helping me retain my sanity by giving me an excuse to have some down time every now and then.