How in the hell?

I wrote an absolutely ATROCIOUS Paper for my computer security class.  I mean seriously screwed. Crappy grammar, little clear direction, and a full on hanging sentence… I mean
"This is so that the system can determine whether

8. Conclusion"

etc etc
when I saw that, I could have cried.

My conlcusion was beautiful… except I didn't actually wind up arguing those points in the paper itself.
I don't quite understand how I got a CREDIT (60%) for this paper.  But hey, I'm not about to argue.  She's the genius, not me.

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The Results are in!

Well, they're not quite in at the start of typing this message… I get them at 9AM today, and my computer says 8:58 and the uni aren't coughing up any results yet no matter how much I hit the damn F5 button!  I'm hoping to be first in since I'm already logged in.  My computer's just hit 9AM and now the rush begins, a page that reloaded in 3 seconds before is now taking 60+!  But, on the bright side, it is actually loading!  in previous result releases, I've had to wait 30 minutes after the release time to actually be able to log on, so they've obviously improved their services!

I got them, OMG and they are glorious, worth the 3 minute loading time!!!!

3HDs and a DN!  Amazingly, the DN was in a unit I thought I'd aced (Web Management) and was only 2% off an HD as well, the good HD was for Project, and the other 2 just scraped through for Knowledge Based Systems and Software Construction.  But when all is said and done, I was at one point worried about *passing* Software Construction!

So I graduate, I'm a shoe-in for Honours and probably for an honours Scholarship (Jackie said you needed at least 5 HDs to really be looked at for it, I've had 6 this year.  I'm gonna be on the Honour Roll too. WHEEEEEEE! (obviously, I'm gonna graduate too, which is awesome!

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more steel… and fewer assignments!

Well! here we are again, and I'm about to go under knife and scissors tomorrow @ 2 pm.  I'm having the stitches in the back of my knee removed, and then have a couple more moles being removed… *sigh* they're on my lower back.  I had a couple of people actually notice the earring in my earlobe the today! wow!

had dinner with friends last night, they cooked a fabulous pork dinner, with Roast Veggies and this fabulous sauce!

it had grated apple, horseradish, garlic, and seeded honey mustard, and it was -gorgeous- as I found out, Don doesn't like pork at all, and he liked that. (he obviously doesn't like pork as he offered his crackling to me(yum))  but it was absolutely marvelous.

life is rather boring besides that.

my PDS assignment is practically complete! I emailed Julian today to ask how to tell Java to use the Stack Class that he provided instead of the java.lang.Stack included in this version of Java (my program is throwing Stack Overflow Errors which are -not- thrown by Julian's file) and this is only happening when the depth is set to 5.  how do you actually get a Stack Overflow? I thought the whole point of a linked list was that they didn't run out of memory locations… oh well.

so now it's just mobile and Ubiq and the bloody OS test.

I got so bored today that I decided to figure out how to merge email messages from different computers in Thunderbird.
it's surprisingly easy and it makes perfect sense, however until you know how to do it, you'd never think of it.

So it's done! my email on my laptop is webMail no more! hurrah!

we were @ the local takeaway store (well, 10 minutes away by 100kmh roads is the only shop before Bridport, Georgetown, or Launceston) and I got a few questions about what I study and do I do jobs for people at the moment, including an "I have this problem, so I might give you a call later and talk about getting you to come fix it" followed, as we were paying for our lunch, by "do you do programming?" so it looks like there's a couple of jobs there in the wings for me and my little home business!!!

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