Merry Christmas

I don’t often turn the camera in my laptop on – There’s every chance I might break it, after all.  But I decided to give you all a Christmas Carol to round out the year.

I apologise in advance for sound and video quality – it’s not like I was using a video-camera after all.  Also, my voice isn’t as perfect as I’d like – It *was* 1AM…

I went with “The First Noel” because, well, it seemed appropriate for 1AM when I started this project! I really went looking for something reflective and hopeful, but the best I could find was “Happy Christmas” by John Lennon – and frankly, it was a little too critical and pointed.  This is a time of year where we look back on the year gone, and look forward to the year ahead.  This week, for me at least, is a time of merriment, but also a time of introspection and hope.  This is a time where I tend to think about how I have been in the last year and how I want to be better in the year to come.

My impending move to Brisbane was sort of the result of this period last year – It certainly solidified into a plan of action between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I encourage you to take some time out of your busy Christmas/NYE Schedules to reflect on your lives to date and consider ways to make your new year better.  Not New Year’s Resolutions, but just think about it.  Set one achievable, measurable goal for the year, and make a plan on how to get there.  Mine was quite quantifiable – Am I in Brisbane on 31 Dec, yes, success! Aim for that – you might be surprised what this bit of reflection can do for you.

Merry Christmas,

Dylan Carmichael

Merry Christmas to all…

Hi Everyone, Christmas in QLD has been really nice.  Don and I made it a small thing this year.  I gave him a Book and screwdriver set, and he gave me a koala and a Futurama Movie DVD.

I'm proud to present my new koala Arg.


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Blogging again finally!

But I have no idea where to begin…

it's been so long, there's Christmas, and my business, and my desktop computer being completely unreliable since Jan 4… hmmm

Christasm! er, no! Christmas… (let's figure out what Christasms are later hmmm?)

well, it happened on December 25. ("ha ha", you all say)
but for Don and I, it happened on Dec 24-26, we went down to my parents place on Christmas Eve, had dinner with them, and stayed there that night.  Christmas Day, usually I'm woken up by my brother at precisely 7AM. I mistakenly thought I'd be asleep until at least 7:30, but for some insane reason was awake and completely alert at 5:30AM. fortunately, my parents are Pratchett people, and I was able to read Going Postal. 8:30, someone else -finally- got up! I had some breakfast… (well, Mum had some breakfast, I had more coffee) eventually, the rest of the troops arose, and we went opening presents. Don and I got a fantastic display unit, a nice sum of money (which actually contributed to the lack of desktop computer), Some serving-crockery, and some car care products. Then, about 4:00, we went to my Aunty Vicki's place for my mum's annual family get-together, involving "the present game". We had fantastic fun!

My Business!
I've had a few people getting me to do things for them this year, and as a result, I've built a reasonable client-base! the holidays have seen me building 5 computers, diagnosing/fixing 2, designing a website, and I have 3 more computers en route to be fixed and assessed for upgradeability. It's been quite a nice little money-spinner. Somewhat disturbing is the fact that I will almost have paid off my computer before I have it back and working properly… which brings me to my lack of desktop!

I spent my Christmas Money, and Play Money, and borrowed some money from the Credit Card, to buy myself a nice new computer.  From the conlcusion of construction the computer would restart randomly, with BSODs. which, when I eventually managed to determine what was causing the issue (a Motherboard Hard Drive Controller Issue) so I sent my motherboard back to my supplier, who have sent it back to their supplier, and I have been waiting ever since… I have a brand new AMD X2 4200 Processor (the AMD Dual Core) and a 256MB PCIExpress Graphics Card which cost me about $300, not to mention Hard Drives, DVD Drives, Case, Power Supply, and so on and so forth. none of which I can use until my motherboard returns, and my supplier currently has no date as to when that might be.

as I remember other things, I'll post them!

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