I had this appear on my "Baketastic (Take 3)" entry today…

One: if you're gonna claim copyright, be 100% clear about the problems at the outset.

Two: It's the title of an individual blog entry.  Appreciate away, I'm pretty sure I could title it McDonalds and there's nothing anyone could do about it.  I'm not titling my whole blog (which was my initial thought at the "not using my name" comment) with "your" name – which, I should point out, is not trademarked either.

Three: This would be the ideal use of Private Messaging… for two reasons.  One – you won't have your pitiful claim posted here and on facebook, and Two – it's simply polite to request privately first.

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On rude fucker housemates…

I figured James's SMSes were essentially posturing.  He sent them to everyone.
Alright, so he cancelled.  What he didn't do was suggest that he'd sent anything to anyone besides me.  I thought, "fine, I'll invite Neph and Damien to tea elsewhere."
I've struck out because I didn't realise they might make other plans because I didn't know that James had told them it was cancelled.

Was all that really necessary? I mean really. 
What about "I don't like cleaning up for these things so maybe we could go elsewhere for our wednesday night thing." Is that too much to ask? I mean really?
What about actually talking to me about it?
No, major autonomous fucking decisions about what amounts to the second-last opportunity for me to see some of my friends before I leave.  Hopefully I've got to Neph before she's made alternative plans.

Fuck you, Mr Holloway.  I am displeased about your cavalier attitude towards my enjoyment of life while I'm here.

Again kids, Neighbourhood post.

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A View of the Room

As opposed to a Room with a View.

The bed I bought was picked up yesterday.  Don brought his ute, got me from uni, and we went to get the bed.
This is a ute we bought about a month ago, on Don's brother's recommendation, from a friend of his.  It didn't get us home the day we bought it.  Anyhoo, it was fixed ($2500 later) and we went to pick up the Bed from the Fantastic Furniture Warehouse.   Don's ute broke down again.  Same problem, only this time, he managed to make somethign go *clunk* and make noises when the car's being pushed.  This is NOT good, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, thanks to the members of the family we're still speaking to (ie everyone who isn't his brother) we were able to get the bed to my new Launceston place, and they've lent Don one of their cars for the duration of the repairs.

Bloody cars.

Anyway! the bed's there, and now I have pictures!

That is all.

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How the Ultra-religious piss me off

I go to a group called TasUnity.  I've blogged about it before, and I suspect I've blogged about this particular member before as well.

One of our members (we'll call him A) has applied for a job interstate, and another member, (on whom this post is focussed) this particular girl L is on some ultra-religious mind-trip.  Well, each month we go around the room and talk abuot how things have been for us in the last month.  After hearing about J's Astral Travel (not what she'd call it, but it's the closest I can come to providing an explanation that someone else would get), she decided she'd say "God is telling me He has a message for you, He says that if you don't get this job, He has something better for you."  Now that really pisses me off for a few reasons. 

1) How is she sure that it's God (and, for example, not Satan)? How can she say that?  I'm sure she thinks she's being nice and comforting, and in that case she might have been, but if she keeps this up she'll either say something that hurts someone, or she'll make a prediction that won't come true, and people will make decisions based on it.  Even when I was a Religious Nut myself, I felt that it was important to say "I think" or "I believe", before "I have a message from God for you." A is a minister, and quite a sensible guy, so I think that he was just nodding his head and basically ignoring it.

2) I think it's really important to find out whether the person actually wanted to hear this message.  She's lucky she didn't try saying something to me.  A was very gracious about it all, but not believing in an Intervening God, I have issues with prophecy, (y'know, it's kinda God intervening and all)

3) If it was really God, wouldn't he know if the job was going to happen?

Now, she also pissed me off by saying "we all believe that God created everything."  I almost jumped up and down, and said "now hang on, I'm not sure that I do"

Quite frankly, I don't think she gets what it is that I said a couple months ago about not believing in an intervening God.  We bumped into each other in the street and she said that she was struggling with something similar to what I was. I was intrigued, and asked what was going on.  She said that she was wondering if religion was just a big lie.  I responded with something like "Well, wasn't it Marx that said that Religion was the opiate of the masses" only to be met by a blank look.  I don't think that Religion is a lie.  Some portions of it might be, but some of it is just going to be misconceptions, mistakes, and the kernel of truth that's always there somewhere.  This was 5 days before the Prophecy Incident.

I have some suspicions about what might be happening, I'm expecting to find out that she's having seizures again.  apparently some epileptics have seizures in a portion of the brain and those seizures cause out of body experiences and profound religious experiences.

Well, that's me for today!

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From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! (aka bye-bye Telstra)

A Wise Woman once said to me that there are times when the english language really lets you down.  I understand what she means.  (Thankyou C's mum.)

There comes a point where no word can describe the amount of frustration, anger, and annoyance that you feel.  I call that point: Telstra.

People say they hate things all the time, when they really mean they just dislike them.  hate is the opposite of love, it's equal in its enthusiasm, just opposite in its direction.

I used to hate Telstra, or say that I did, at least, I really just wanted them to get it right. Now, I don't, now I'm passionate about exposing their incredible fuckups to the world.  I wish that I had never had the misfortune of dealing with them in the first place. Long story short, Don's mobile is malfunctioning.  I took it in to the local Telstra Shop on Monday, and they said "you have to call the manufacturer, and they'll send a satchel for you to use."  Here in Tasmania at least, Harvey Norman was forced to accept (and continue to accept) iPods for warranty repair, since Return to manufacturer is not considered a valid warranty system. I called Don and let him know, and he called the manufacturer who told us to return it to the place of purchase, and then he called telstra, whose call centre left a note on the account to say that the Telstra shop should accept the phone back since it's a warranty claim.

I returned to the telstra shop today.  They refused to take the mobile phone as a warranty claim.  I handed Don over to the manager to see if he could sort it out (Don's a bit more forceful than I).  No.  So he called Telstra, who said that yes, the Telstra Shop in Brisbane St, Launceston, is legally required to accept the phone for warranty purposes.  Telstra have sent the Telstra Store in question an email saying that they need to call us to arrange the warranty stuff before 4 tomorrow.  Now… call me cynical, but I'm not expecting a phone call.  The call centre guy has even said that given the circumstances, he would not be surprised if Telstra allowed Don to cancel the contract free of charge.

If the Telstra Shop don't do soemthing proper about it, We're taking them to Fair Trading, the ACCC, The Telecommunications Ombudsman, and putting in a recommendation to Telstra that they be stripped of the franchise name since they're ignoring any statements that Telstra staff are making on our accounts.(and considering getting in touch with Today Tonight/A Current Affair)

If nothing else, avoid the Brisbane St, Launceston branch of the Telstra Shop like the plague.

We're shifting our Broadband, and our landline, and possibly Don's mobile across to another provider or two.

Fuck You, Telstra.

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Make your bills disappear!

Here's how I turned a $480 phone bill into $15 credit! Now that I have your attention, our simple system… um, actually, I'll give you the real info.  We all remember the Telstra Phone Saga? yes? good.  And we know that we finally have ADSL? excellent.  Well… we got a phone bill yesterday, from Telstra.  And I took a look.  It was Sizeable.  ($480 is Sizeable, I think) I wasn't quite expecting that amount.  So I looked at it.  I read it reasonably carefully.  and I found 5 problems with the account for this month alone. 

So: Step 1, find mistakes in your bill.

I called our Case Manager, Gloria.  Well, no, I attempted to call our case manager Gloria on the Telstra "Ring us direct if you already have a complaint lodged with us" number.  It connected, told me there is a longer than average queue, and that if I could hold, that would be wonderful, and if not, please call back on the next business day.  Well, I tried to hold, twice, and as soon as the recording stopped, I got the characteristic BEEP BEEP BEEP of being hung up on.
So I called the general Billing Complaints number.  I did that 4 times in an hour because at random intervals, I'd just hear "beep beep" usually when I suspect that I was about to be put on hold.

Step 2: get hung up on a few times

finally, I was connected to a consultant who did not hang up on me.  in fact, I was on the line for the entire duration of my call. (well duh, but you know what I mean)  I explained to her The Saga and the new stuff that happened today and  the problems with today's bill.

Step 3 (easy): convince the consultant you're sick of Telstra

finally, the whole process may take 2 hours, but a pay rate of $245/hr is pretty good, imho
step 4: have a glass of wine. (may be enacted concurrently with 1-3)

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