We Own a House

and 300K in debt.  But we own a house!

I have keys! (not that it overly matters since Don's changing the front and back locks today so that they will both use the same key)

I'd take a picture of something to prove it… but I don't have anything to take a picture of.

We move in this weekend! VERY excited!

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Sorry Voxerhood!

Sorry guys! It's been too long!

I'm in Gladstone, it's pretty and nice, it's also quite warm.  We've had a few days of 32 degrees Celsius.  today it was 27C before 8am!

I have to say, I'm missing the tasmanians (not that they ever actually read this blog!)

I've found a couple of nice coffee places that do nice food and nice coffee in the area.

While I was in Rockhampton today (about 1h30 north) I had the nicest breakfast!  It was Raisin Toast done French style, one side dipped in egg and then fried…  It sounds kinda wrong, but Oh, My, God. DELICIOUS!!!

I've had coffee with one of the locals, he seems really nice, he does a drag show in Rockhampton once a month, and his partner works with Don! 

I've also met up with the fabulous and wonderful Brooke, and her equally wonderful boyfriend Matt.  Brooke is a beautiful willowy blonde creature, and so much fun!  We went to Rocky today to go shopping… She found/I found her some of the cutest things, nice shoes, belt, bangles, sporty clothes… I got another pair of shorts… living in the tropics has really highlighted my wardrobe's shortfall in the shorts-that-fit-me department.

So I have a couple of friends here now.

After I got back from Rocky, I was looking out my office window (my house has an office! :D) and I saw a kangaroo on the street!  I raced to get my camera-phone from the kitchen, and when I got back, what I suspect is her male and their child bounded along too!

So that was really cool… they're kinda big, which is kinda scary… I'm used to wallabies, which look similar, but they're smaller, probably about the size of the joey in the picture… about knee-high, to give you a frame of reference.

Anyway! It's all going nicely!

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Seriously!?! Rude!

as part of the Gladstone plans I fired up my account on gaydar.com.au a week ago and changed my location to Gladstone. (I'm gaydar.com.au/dcarm)

For those of you who don't know, gaydar is kinda like a gay dating site.  Except you can say "just looking for friends" and you can say who with.  I explained the situation in my profile, said I was in a relationship, I'm looking for friends so that I'll know someone up there when I get there, yadda yadda.

Up until yesterday all of the messages I've gotten have been decent, they seem like nice guys, and yeah.  But today! Today I received:

"Hi man gee don't expect too much looking the way u do"

My response to this is a bit of shock followed by "Seriously!?! However accurate it might or might not be, that's so uncalled for!  A message like that from out of the blue invokes my "fuck you" reflex.

"yeah thanks. I'm only looking for friends because I've already got a partner. Been together for 4 years. Don't expect too much, acting the way u do…"

What possesses someone to send a message like that? It's not like I'd sent him one before.  Does he feel so inferior that he has to put down random people on the internet?  He would have been attractive if he hadn't sent that message. Isn't it odd how one statement can change how you'd look at someone completely?

My question:
Where have all the manners gone?

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Queens land in Queensland


Hi guys!

It looks as though we may be hitting some turbulence in our lives.  Don has been applying for jobs, including a job for a company owned by the same group as he is in now, but up in Gladstone, QLD.  He never thought he'd get a look-in.  Imagine our surprise when he had a phone interview! And then imagine our surprise when they said "We want to meet you face to face, We are going to fly you and your partner to QLD, put you in a hotel, and hire you a car.  We both practically fell over.

They flew us up on Saturday, and returned us on Monday, so we had Sunday to muck around the area.

We wandered around a bit, found a great place to have breakfast (more on that in a bit) went to the Visitor Information Centre, then headed out to the Tondoon Botanic Gardens less that 15 minutes from thecity centre.

It's gorgeous!

Ducks And TurtlesGardens 1Gardens 2Gardens 3Gardens 4

Gardens 5Gardens 6Gardens 7Gardens From the KioskHanging Plant

While we were there I managed to convince Don he should have a photo taken, and had him take one of me.

MeDon Hiding

We also went and saw the Auckland Lookout which is really pretty.

Lookout 1Lookout 2Lookout 3

We had beautiful temperatures, by the way, worst it got to was 11!

We swam in the pool at the hotel, it was lovely! (no photos)

Don's Interview started at 5:45AM on Monday, and while he was there, I had a beautiful breakfast (Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Sausage Croissant with 2 hash browns and spicy tomato sauce)

And then I roamed the streets of Gladstone.

Closer to Gladstone's MallArt GalleryAnglican Church Gladstone

Gladstone's main streets are largely divided roadways, and there are bike paths everywhere!
All in all, I was quite impressed with the place.  A lack of 7 day trading for big stores (eg Woollies, Coles) felt quite odd though.

Here's hoping that Don will get a Job Offer today or tomorrow!

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