Damn you, Stinky-poo!

I'm fairly sure we all know what it's like to have someone come in from a smoke.  They smell of the stuff (I can finally smell cigarette smoke again, WHEEEE!).  As it turns out, Dope is worse.  One of the International Students obviously had a joint last night during the mid-lecture break.  because he sat down behind me and WHAM, the smell hit me… And he couldn't sit still… and he was grunting… it was a bit/a lot disconcerting.  I mean, shorts rustling, occasional grunting… I was a bit scared to turn around in case I saw significantly more than I wanted to.

I don't mind if you want to do dope, people.  I don't mind if you do it around me, even.  But don't do it without asking if I mind, in a situation I can't really avoid.  (ie Lectures)  It's just plain RUDE.

That's really all I have to say on the topic at this point.

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Why I love Wifi…

Well… I'm sitting in a lecture theatre bored out of my brains, and I can sit here on my laptop looking like I'm doing an excellent job of taking notes, when instead, I'm just tapping out this blog entry to you…

That is why WiFi is one of the most awesome technologies around.  my laptop has 0 cords hanging out of it (courtesy of my battery) and I can still get on the net and screw around.

The fact that my uni has a great WiFi infrastructure really helps.  I can go to any of my lecture theatres with my laptop and connect and surf/research/work/blog/play.

Love your WiFi, you know you want to.

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Uni, Assignments, and general ARRRRGH!

I have 3 assignments to work on, and I'm doing this…

Congratulations me, I'm procrastinating far more than I ever should be. I have a CSec assignment due in week 12, and 2 programming assignments and a 50 minute test in week 13. blogging strikes me as academically suicidal right now, yet here I am. Why?

Because Julian is a DICK! it seems like he's just yanked stuff he used last year and not really checked it properly to determine that it all matches up.  How does this assignment translate to good design if the design supplied isn't followed by the setter of the assignment, there are methods there that aren't in the accompanying design descriptions, and there are other methods which are in the descriptions but that he hasn't put headers in the code for…

Conclusion, Lecturers must die.

I even figured out the command to issue to a UNIX-bot…
grep KXT102*Lecturer staff.lst | kill -9
search the staff list for KXT102 followed by any number of characters and "Lecturer" and sends the output of the command to the "kill" command.

now I just need a robot running unix to issue the command to…

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Shuxiang, Shuxiang, Shuxiang…


under 5 minutes into lectures this morning Shuxiang contradicted his own slides. (well, he contradicted the slides he was using, at least.) talking about Memory construction, and the fact that memory is often wider than one byte.

"Memory is usually 16, 32, or 64 Bytes" said Shuxiang, Bits said the slides. up goes the hand at the end of the lecture "Shuxiang, in Slide 5, your slides and you don't match, which is it, bytes or bits?" "Beets" replies Shuxiang. (translation: Bits) and this is the moron who's setting the unit? ffs people!

Later on he said "an unused process is one which is never used". and I thought, "I'm paying $700/unit to listen to -this-?"

well, that's my moan about Shuxiang over (for now, it's a recurring theme)

then came Mobile and Ubiq, tutorial about HTML-MP which was pretty simple, just HTML, Miss C.

and our tutor had a haircut! no longer does he have long hair, this has made him look -so- much nicer.

then it was time for the Gym with C and Izzie. That was fun, even if they did leave me all alone at the end (nah, 'sok, they had classes) this Gym thing is pretty nice.  C, our instructor wore a very nice tight shirt…


Came home, have done some housework, and now must off to do some more for a bit, then work on my assignment.

so overall, a good day.

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