Sorry Voxerhood!

Sorry guys! It's been too long!

I'm in Gladstone, it's pretty and nice, it's also quite warm.  We've had a few days of 32 degrees Celsius.  today it was 27C before 8am!

I have to say, I'm missing the tasmanians (not that they ever actually read this blog!)

I've found a couple of nice coffee places that do nice food and nice coffee in the area.

While I was in Rockhampton today (about 1h30 north) I had the nicest breakfast!  It was Raisin Toast done French style, one side dipped in egg and then fried…  It sounds kinda wrong, but Oh, My, God. DELICIOUS!!!

I've had coffee with one of the locals, he seems really nice, he does a drag show in Rockhampton once a month, and his partner works with Don! 

I've also met up with the fabulous and wonderful Brooke, and her equally wonderful boyfriend Matt.  Brooke is a beautiful willowy blonde creature, and so much fun!  We went to Rocky today to go shopping… She found/I found her some of the cutest things, nice shoes, belt, bangles, sporty clothes… I got another pair of shorts… living in the tropics has really highlighted my wardrobe's shortfall in the shorts-that-fit-me department.

So I have a couple of friends here now.

After I got back from Rocky, I was looking out my office window (my house has an office! :D) and I saw a kangaroo on the street!  I raced to get my camera-phone from the kitchen, and when I got back, what I suspect is her male and their child bounded along too!

So that was really cool… they're kinda big, which is kinda scary… I'm used to wallabies, which look similar, but they're smaller, probably about the size of the joey in the picture… about knee-high, to give you a frame of reference.

Anyway! It's all going nicely!

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It’s really happening

Holy shit.

In 48 hours, I will be at my new home in Queensland.
This weekend has been wonderful but sad… it has been full of goodbyes, and only has more to come…

I am going to miss this place, nutcases and all.

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Milestone achieved! Timeline follows

I've submitted the final Major Revision of my thesis!

This week it's grammar and spelling.
8 days:I will have performed my final edits and submitted my thesis for good. The Last (Wednesday Night) Supper. We're going out somewhere (don't know where as yet).
9 days: Figuring out how the hell to pack everything into my suitcases.  I may need to get another one.
10 days: I'll be having my farewell thing, eating Mexican at the Prickly Cactus and drinking Fishbowl Margaritas.  This will be followed by heading over my beloved Northern Club and downing mystery shots, BHPs, and possibly some Absinthe.  Danielle is coming to that from Burnie! Woohoo!  None of my voxerhood are coming because they're slack (and because not one of them lives in Tasmania any more (oh, except Olivia, she's coming!))
11 days: Lunch with the family, officially for my sister's birthday, also officially the last time I'll see Mum, Dad, Rowan and Renata before I move.  TasUnity is throwing me a farewell dinner of their own.  They do such fantastic food!  I swear being a good cook is a prerequisite for being a TasUnity Host.
12 days: all my waverley possessions will either be at Lulworth (like the bed and alarm clock) or in my suitcase(s).  Staying with the lovely Glennys and Anne, who are taking me to the airport the next day.  Dinner at Susie's Hoong Fatt with the G&A, David and John, and Scott. Yay!
13 days: probably an early flight (Don flew out at 6:30am) and then I'll be in Tannum Sands.  OMFG I can't wait!  I miss Don so much!

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Screwing with Perfection…

Today was pretty crappy.

I mean, it was a great day, but there were two significant events that were crap, one I knew would be, and the other was a complete surprise.

The pre-planned crappiness was putting Cariad on the boat.  We had a great time, but it took pretty much everything I had not to cry while she was hugging J goodbye.  I knew that moment when the goodbye became real was gonna feel pretty shitty.  Having said that… Cariad, I'm glad you're going to do this for you!  I'm glad you're going to experience real independence! But most of all, I'm glad I'm moving somewhat closer to Brisbane.  We might actually get to see each other!

The surprise crappiness occurred on the way home from the boat.  Some idiot at Andy's Bakery (Westbury) decided that it would be a great idea to put apricot jam on top of Pecan Pie!  Pecan Pie should be Crust, Pecans, and brown-sugary-caramel-stuff.  End of Story.  Apricot Jam on Pecan Pie is messing with perfection, and should be legally prohibited.  (I loooooooove Pecan Pie.  It pains me when it's screwed up, esp since it's so easy to get right!)

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The Long Arm of the Lackwit

Well.   You're probably wondering why I've not posted here with jubilation and glee about getting the job.

We don't know.  It's a wonderful situation where QLD is trying to contact Don's current boss (Both companies are in the Rio Tinto group) who is apparently not answering his phone.  That's the delay, and that's why they haven't offered us the job.  They have told us, though, that there is a very high probability that we will be getting a job offer.

So… Excitement again!

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