Shame, Campbell Newman

This has been a hard week to be a Queenslander.  State-sanctioned ceremonies for Civil Unions were repealed.  Then it was announced that the requirement to go before a court to dissolve the relationship was being downgraded to be a simple filling out of a form, and they were being renamed “Registered Relationships“.  Now the LNP/ACL have said (during the debate/vote about the Registered Relationships thing) that they intend to do away with surrogacy options for same-sex couples…  Newman tells us that this will be the last change relating to same-sex couples.  But then, he told us just before the election that he wouldn’t be screwing with the surrogacy laws at all.

Queensland has gone from having some of the best same-sex legislation in the country, firmly denying the calls that QLD is backwards and bigoted, to actively targeting GLBTI members of the QLD community, Taking us to a par with Tasmania’s 2005 Relationships Act (which was amazing at the time because it conferred a whole bunch of rights that “de facto” status now covers – GLBTI couples were granted access to the “de facto” marital status in 2008)  There are no clear benefits to the QLD scheme now, except that I can have a piece of paper to wave at a hospital should my significant other wind up in an emergency situation.

All of this to appease the ACL (And the LNP Faceless Men) and remove any suggestion that a Civil Union might be anything even approaching a marriage.  All this effort to change something that up until it was time to repeal it was considered trivial, a political stunt by QLD Labor.  Indeed, Jarrod Bleijie (Now QLD Attorney-General) characterised the move as “just a distraction from the real issues to get him [Mr Fraser] and his people talking about issues other than what’s important to Queenslanders at the moment.”  So why is it important now?

It appears that Newman is trying to appease his ACL masters.  He admits clearly and unequivocally that this is to appease “the Christian Churches“.

I call for the Australian public to stand up and take notice – this is what happens when Conservative religious right-wing elements hold sway in a political party – the already-marginalised become collateral damage in an effort to appease and enforce religious dogma on a population which is not necessarily Christian.

Is the Campbell Newman method indicative of how Tony Abbott will behave if he attains government?  I hope we never find out.


Oh no she didn’t!

I thought long and hard about what to write for this entry, and how to say it without breaking the confidentiality of the group.  I think I've anonymised it enough that you'd have to have been there to know who is whom.

OK, You might remember me talking about L who went off to the city in the sky?
(See "How the Ultra-Religious piss me off")

Well, she's at it again.

She has spirits, apparently, who take her stones. she had 7 and then she had none, and now she has two.  Right there I'm like wtf?  people who are dead are among us and have nothing better to do with their existence than hide things on you and give them back occasionally?

Anyway, Then she went and talked about the Pope's Apology. You know the one I mean.  But she doesn't stop at the Pope.  She moves on to all Catholics.  I'm mildly horrified, as the person sitting next to her completed his seminary and was barred from ordination by false accusations.  She doesn't know *that* but she knows he's a Catholic, we'll call him C.  She then goes on about how Catholics this and Catholics that, But the Uniting church never… and I see C getting a bit steamed.  So I jump in and say that it's a) not all Catholic congregations, nor all Catholic Priests, nor all Catholic anythings which are like that.  She tries to talk me around, and when she starts, C blows his top and says "You've had a problem with the Catholic Church since the beginning! Check your sources, here are documents X,Y, and Z, published in A, B, and C, which talk about Contraception, Homosexuality, and Primacy of Conscience, and what the public believes them to say is not in fact what they actually say."  She then went on with her "I Hate" statements.  The whole group is essentially telling her to shut up, and that you can't pin that on the Catholics, since that was around before the Bible had even begun to be written (War) And you can't pin *this* on the catholics, for the same reason.

No apology, no "I'm sorry if I offended you" just a begrudging, "I suppose so"

I don't get how she thinks that it's OK to say those things. 

Oh, last month, I pulled her up on her Friday "I'm an Atheist" to Tuesday "I'm converting the World to Uniting Church"
She'd seen me the Friday before the meeting (a month ago) and she actually told Don and I "I'm thinking about becoming and atheist. But I'll keep going to church."
Well, apart from making veiled statements about that being hypocritical when she was talking to us, she then said at TasUnity that she was always trying to convert people to the Uniting Church.
I said in a sickly sweet voice (you know, the one that has the bejeweled drag queen holding the neon sign saying "WARNING, LEADING QUESTION, TRAP AHEAD") "Oh, So that's what you were doing when we saw you on Friday!"
"Yeah, I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch and tell her she should come."
Success. She took the bait perfectly.  I leant back in my chair, folded my arms, and in a smooth, crisp voice said "]=Was that before or after you were telling us you were thinking about becoming an atheist?"
Gasps from around the room.
"I was thinking about it, but my grandmother talked me out of it that evening."
"Oh." says I, and leaves it at that, my point made, without actually saying it.
It was:
TasUnity, You cannot trust this girl.  She will tell you what you want to hear, and not what she really thinks.  She's been lying to at least one of us.
I personally don't care if she becomes an atheist or stays Christian.  If she becomes an atheist I think they may have to reconsider their name of The Brights though.  I just wish, that in a group whose foundation is an assumption of honesty (not necessarily of full disclosure, but honesty) and confidentiality, that she'd say what she thought, rather than what she thinks we want to hear.  It just serves to divide the group.

Rant Over (for now)

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How the Ultra-religious piss me off

I go to a group called TasUnity.  I've blogged about it before, and I suspect I've blogged about this particular member before as well.

One of our members (we'll call him A) has applied for a job interstate, and another member, (on whom this post is focussed) this particular girl L is on some ultra-religious mind-trip.  Well, each month we go around the room and talk abuot how things have been for us in the last month.  After hearing about J's Astral Travel (not what she'd call it, but it's the closest I can come to providing an explanation that someone else would get), she decided she'd say "God is telling me He has a message for you, He says that if you don't get this job, He has something better for you."  Now that really pisses me off for a few reasons. 

1) How is she sure that it's God (and, for example, not Satan)? How can she say that?  I'm sure she thinks she's being nice and comforting, and in that case she might have been, but if she keeps this up she'll either say something that hurts someone, or she'll make a prediction that won't come true, and people will make decisions based on it.  Even when I was a Religious Nut myself, I felt that it was important to say "I think" or "I believe", before "I have a message from God for you." A is a minister, and quite a sensible guy, so I think that he was just nodding his head and basically ignoring it.

2) I think it's really important to find out whether the person actually wanted to hear this message.  She's lucky she didn't try saying something to me.  A was very gracious about it all, but not believing in an Intervening God, I have issues with prophecy, (y'know, it's kinda God intervening and all)

3) If it was really God, wouldn't he know if the job was going to happen?

Now, she also pissed me off by saying "we all believe that God created everything."  I almost jumped up and down, and said "now hang on, I'm not sure that I do"

Quite frankly, I don't think she gets what it is that I said a couple months ago about not believing in an intervening God.  We bumped into each other in the street and she said that she was struggling with something similar to what I was. I was intrigued, and asked what was going on.  She said that she was wondering if religion was just a big lie.  I responded with something like "Well, wasn't it Marx that said that Religion was the opiate of the masses" only to be met by a blank look.  I don't think that Religion is a lie.  Some portions of it might be, but some of it is just going to be misconceptions, mistakes, and the kernel of truth that's always there somewhere.  This was 5 days before the Prophecy Incident.

I have some suspicions about what might be happening, I'm expecting to find out that she's having seizures again.  apparently some epileptics have seizures in a portion of the brain and those seizures cause out of body experiences and profound religious experiences.

Well, that's me for today!

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I just read this.

And thus I posted:
Actually, most of that article has been lifted straight from emails that go around from time to time.  I haven't had this version, and whoever has done this one has at least had the sense to remove the statement that "In God We Trust" is on the money.  It was obviously from America originally.

The first couple of paragraphs change each time.  The last one I got was a woman who wanted to have her drivers' license photo taken with her veil on.

In Australia, there's not any real public debate about whether it is appropriate to display anything religious on school walls.  (apart from anti-any-religious-group stuff).

Most Moslems believe in God too.  "Allah" is literally translated "God"

When did Howard supposedly say this(August 25th, 2005, according to iht)?  we had our federal election in November, and it was determined that Howard had lost by December.

There is a certain amount of assimilation that needs to occur from any migrant moving here, but we need to have some tolerance as well.  For the record, the people who are griping about the flag (to my knowledge, at least) are the people from whom the land was stolen a little over two centuries ago.

What Pledge?  The Pledge of Commitment?  Most Australians have never taken a pledge in their life!

As for Christian Beliefs.  We're presently at about 2/3 Christian as at the 2006 Census. (12,685,836 Christians of 19,855,288 Australians)  I'm a Deist, but come from a Christian background, and while I have a fondness for the faith, it's not for me.  It seems that the major monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all wind up having their version of the Crusades at a certain point in their religious life cycle.  From my understanding of the topic, Islam is actually a bit late in having theirs. Judaism documented their Crusades in the Old Testament, Christianity had The Crusades in (I think) the 11th-14th centuries and Islam was formed around 600AD-1200.  This is not saying that I think that it's right.  It's saying that just because Christianity has been through it, it is not superior to Islam in any particular way.
It bugs me how this stuff keeps bubbling to the surface.

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Yesterday, the day that nobody remembered…

… me.

that's not quite true.  The Divine Miss C remembered. but it feels like she was the only one.  I asked B on Monday if I could stay at his place last night so I could go to a group for gay Christians.  I also suggested a Wine Time afterwards.  Yesterday while I was killing time between the end of uni and the group, Ben came home, and when I asked about the Wine Time, he said he "forgot" and was going to stay at his bf's place.  How hard is it to remember for one frigging day?!?!  I mean seriously.  And it's not like the bf isn't invited to wine times.  So that was bugging me.

Then I went to my gay Christians group.  This is usually a really recharging experience, and I rarely go away feeling worse than when I arrive.  But last night was one of those nights.  Right on the heels of being forgotten by B, I got basically ignored by the group.  Now, I'm sure that it wasn't intentional, but it hurts nonetheless.  To explain:  The group I go to is basically a support group for GLBTI people and their friends/family/supporters with a bit of a Christian focus.  Each meeting we have a little bit of a devotional thingy and an opening prayer, and then we go around the group talking about how our month was.  Mine has been a bit crappy, a bit hectic, a bit up and down, and just generally exhausting.  We had a quasi-new member this week, (a number of the group had met him before and knew him for his efforts in GLBTI reconciliation in his local area)  and we got him to talk to us about his life and his locale.  then we went around the table.  I was sitting next to the newbie, and the guy on the other side of me started talking about his month.  They got right around the table to the girl sitting next to Newbie, and then just broke off and started talking amongst themselves.  I said in a clear, loud voice, to no-one and everyone in particular "My month has been exhausting!" and one person said, the third time I said it, "I don't think they've noticed, so just tell me"  This was quite sweet, and I must send an email to the guy thanking him, but it highlighted that no-one else had noticed at all.  I live the furthest away out of the whole (regular) group (the newbie was from further away) and going to the group impacts 2 days out of my week. (I stay in town, which involves all the inconveniences that staying somewhere not-your-home entail) Not to mention the fact taht I worked extra-hard so I'd have time to go to it. I'm left wondering if I should send an email to those present.  On any other day, or for any other month, I'd probably be fine.  but that day, the month just gone, I needed to have my spill, and it hurt that they didn't even notice that I didn't get a chance.

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Intellectual Dishonesty, and a certain blogger

I was interested by a post I saw when I did something… added a comment perhaps?
So I looked at it, and I asked Questions.

Apparently, this is not a good thing to be doing.

The post in question was: Give me BLOOD N' Fire and I will REBUILD the World in HIS Image
I also looked at "
Overcoming Thought Control and Treading on ALL the Control Data"

As I posted responses, he would answer, and in less than 5 minutes, delete at least my question, and often his response.

He doesn't address my questions on his blog, and so I'm inviting him to address them on mine, where I'll see them, but his loyal fans don't have to.  The more I talk to him, the more I wonder about the nature of a man who dodges questions so much.

Responses to "Blood'n'Fire"


well…  fortunately, I get to decide what I post. so I'm going to keep posting the comment history in my posts.  That's -my- choice.

Interesting how you went from "young man" in your previous post to "young woman".

All I'm asking is that you actually answer my questions. and I haven't had that happen yet.


I wait with baited breath to see this Bio, and since it will also address my questions about your involvement with the group, I must assume you know the founder.

I make no claims that you shouldn't do what you choose to do, I'm simply asking for some clarification as to why you're doing them.

If your cause is just, why are you squelching my comments?  I would like to know what you expect me to see by that command. I'm already a Christian (I'm expecting that's what you mean by "You will See")

It is very interesting that you keep deleting my comments. Why are you afraid of some analytical questions appearing next to your work?

My previous comment and his response:


Friends of Blood'n'Fire…

not what I asked for.

I want to know what Blood'n'Fire actually do. What they actually believe.

If you're not involved, why are you endorsing them, especially if you can't actually tell me what they are specifically.  (And by posting about them on this blog, you -are- endorsing them.) What is your connection with this group?

I would like to point out that although you have put a lot of references in your response (so many that I feel overwhelmed just looking at the list). Your headings don't actually equate to an answer to the questions I posed.

In particular, I asked about Values (I'm willing to accept what is already in this post, although I feel they are very broad), Focus, History, and "What we do". I'm guessing you've just given me a list of "What we do" although you say they're friends of the movement, rather than members or initiatives.

You switch from "Friends of Blood'n'Fire who share our heart…" to "I am not involved directly"  Why is that?

To Close, why exactly did you add the section from Hebrews and the scripture from Micah after I made my post?


I am trying top locate the Bio on the Founder of Blood N' Fire which willa ddress your questions.

However, what I choose to do, I choose to do.

Young man I am going to touch your eyes and you will see, RIGHT NOW.



I only keep things that really interest me.

If you didn't interest me , young woman, I would simply let you go and your comments with you.

YOu will definitely breathe, BUT it will be the Breath of the Life of the World.

YOU have already inhaled. SO EXHALE! into that John 3:8 wind.

If your comments interest me, I will keep them if they don't then I am going to let them go.


Your rogation and interrogation is interesting and I will answer you BUT I DECIDE which comments I keep.



And my responses to Mind Control:



If free will was an illusion why did Jesus choose the Cross in Gethsemane?

Our Freewill and the prevenient Grace of God's omniscience are in perpetual and convergent simultaneity to each other.

Try Breathing….you are hitting the constraints of your worldview.

Ideology is when ideas have us, Revelation is when we have HIS ideas about US.

There are two types of Headhunters in the world - those you do see coming and those that are trying to reprogramme your thoughtlife, which need to be taken captive in submission to the LORD Jesus Christ – 2 Corinthians 10:5…."We take every thought captive…"

If you have to ask, "who is programming you?" then you need the Cross. The MIND of Christ is revealed through the Cross of Christ.


Now, I'm a Christian, Baptised at 12, Church Elder @ 21, so your last statement is fairly useless.

The Mind of Christ is surely the Mind of God, and something that humanity is not equipped to deal with.

Absolutely, take every thought captive.  that's what I'm trying to do here, is take your thoughts as presented here, and process them.  I'm doing that, but without any of the evidence you obviously have available to you, I can't very well determine the validity of your statements as they apply to my life.

what thought control and programming phenomena are you talking about?

I'm actually not arguing that free will is an illusion.

What I'm saying is that according to your statement, is there a situation in which Free Will truly exists?

Free Will and God knowing what I'm going to do before I do it are always coming together at the same time. (I think I translated that right) No Problem.  I can deal with such an apparent paradox with no major difficulty.  (How does Omniscience have Grace, on a tangent)

Have I created a false dichotomy here?

If you have just said "every fallen human agency has a fallen spiritual agency motivating and directing their actions"  Then anything less than the carrying out of God's Will is indirectly, but ultimately attributable to the fallen spiritual agency doing the directing.  Much in the same way that the carrying out of God's Will is indirectly but ultimately attributable to God.  Are we attributing spiritual-realm powers and motivations to things which are simply an artefact of human free will?

I'm trying to break free of the contraints of my worldview, Help me out with that by answering the questions, perhaps by understanding what you mean, I can better understand the world.

In the meantime, you talk about the Control Data… what is that?


Sorry they're not more complete, but it took a couple of postings before I realised what he was doing.

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