And the results are in…

I got First Class Honours!

I can't believe it, my thesis got me First Class Honours!!!  I'm now "Dylan Carmichael BComp (Hons 1st)"

So happy!
Don't know what I'm going to do to celebrate yet, since Don works tonight.

OMG, This means that I can go on to PhD if I want to! OMG OMG OMG!

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Milestone achieved! Timeline follows

I've submitted the final Major Revision of my thesis!

This week it's grammar and spelling.
8 days:I will have performed my final edits and submitted my thesis for good. The Last (Wednesday Night) Supper. We're going out somewhere (don't know where as yet).
9 days: Figuring out how the hell to pack everything into my suitcases.  I may need to get another one.
10 days: I'll be having my farewell thing, eating Mexican at the Prickly Cactus and drinking Fishbowl Margaritas.  This will be followed by heading over my beloved Northern Club and downing mystery shots, BHPs, and possibly some Absinthe.  Danielle is coming to that from Burnie! Woohoo!  None of my voxerhood are coming because they're slack (and because not one of them lives in Tasmania any more (oh, except Olivia, she's coming!))
11 days: Lunch with the family, officially for my sister's birthday, also officially the last time I'll see Mum, Dad, Rowan and Renata before I move.  TasUnity is throwing me a farewell dinner of their own.  They do such fantastic food!  I swear being a good cook is a prerequisite for being a TasUnity Host.
12 days: all my waverley possessions will either be at Lulworth (like the bed and alarm clock) or in my suitcase(s).  Staying with the lovely Glennys and Anne, who are taking me to the airport the next day.  Dinner at Susie's Hoong Fatt with the G&A, David and John, and Scott. Yay!
13 days: probably an early flight (Don flew out at 6:30am) and then I'll be in Tannum Sands.  OMFG I can't wait!  I miss Don so much!

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The results are in!

Well folks! it's Results Day again!

Advanced Computer Security: 86% High Distinction
Advanced Computer Networks: 73% Distinction
Data Mining and Machine Learning: 72% Distinction

For the record:
80%=High Distinction.

So I just scored my Distinctions, but apparently I reasonably well deserved my HD.  I've just worked out that I scored 92% on the exam for that unit!
I only Credited the exam for Data Mining (66%)
and I can't work out networks since I *still* don't have the results for that second assignment back yet.

but yay good marks when I was worried about how I did on the exams!

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How in the hell?

I wrote an absolutely ATROCIOUS Paper for my computer security class.  I mean seriously screwed. Crappy grammar, little clear direction, and a full on hanging sentence… I mean
"This is so that the system can determine whether

8. Conclusion"

etc etc
when I saw that, I could have cried.

My conlcusion was beautiful… except I didn't actually wind up arguing those points in the paper itself.
I don't quite understand how I got a CREDIT (60%) for this paper.  But hey, I'm not about to argue.  She's the genius, not me.

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tutorial fun!

Well, I have some work tutoring for Computer Networks, (4 hours a week, 2x 2hr classes) and while in the first class I felt like an idiot when I said at the end of the lesson "I'm Dylan, by the way, I forgot to say that at the start" I otherwise felt like I did a recent job(edit: And a decent job, too)!  I just need to familiarise myself a little better with the tute material next time!


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A start at the Uni

Well, tomorrow, I start at the Uni of Tasmania as an honours student! I've also been offered a temporary job on the help desk for the first four weeks of semester at least, for about 8 hours a week.  I was so impressed, and obviously I've impressed the local help desk staff, since they didn't advertise the position, they called and told me they were hoping that one of my project members from last year (one of the ones I really liked) would be interested in the other position.
So I hadn't applied, and there was a job for me, about 8 hours a week.  And I've also put my name down to do a couple of tutorials a week.  So hopefully I'll be bringing in some money while I study!

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