Vox Hunt: My Favorite Gadget

Show us your favorite electronic gadget.

My favourite gadget would have to be this sucker here.  The Apple iPhone.  It's so shiny… 🙂

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Vox Hunt: Vox’s 2nd Anniversary

Second anniversaries are the cotton and paper anniversary. Since today is Vox's 2nd anniversary show us something made of cotton or paper.

My thesis is made of cotton or paper.  Paper specifically.  And it's almost done! hooray!

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Vox Hunt: Making the Band

Show us an instrument you know how to play.


I can play a few:


I learned to play the Piano until about grade 4, then just played it for personal enjoyment.  I can usually eventually nut out the pieces that I want to play.  In grade 6 I played Keyboard for the Burnie Learners Band when our regular pianist was not available.  I kept playing that until I left the band in grade 6.  I can still play when I feel so inclined, but not as well as I used to.  No more sight-reading for me.

I was in a band called EMUsicians, it was for the best musicians in the NorthWest in grades 5 and 6.  I can't remember what I played for the audition, I suspect it was the Recorder though.

This is the first instrument that I officially learned.  I started playing in grade one or so when I met my best friend throughout primary school, Tim.  He played it, and was really good.  I learned to play quite proficiently and was playing flute music on the recorder with the Burnie Learners Band.  (This is quite a feat, by the way, the finger-work for high notes in rapid succession is nasty)  I left the recorder behind after playing the trumpet with EMUsicians in grade 5.

Yep! I can play Madonna like a recorder!
Actually, no.  I sing, and this is probably the best picture I can find of that.
When I went to church I was typically called upon out of the "choir" of 5-8 to sing solos.

I've left the guitar till last because I can't play it very well at all, and never did play it very well at all.  I can get a few songs happening on it at least.  I don't have one any more, so I never got around to perfecting it.

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