Horrifying Epiphany = Actual Action

The other day I got on the scales after my new clothes felt a bit tight…
I weighed 101.4 kg (~202lb).
I'd gained back 14kg!

This is not on.  Back to actually thinking about what I eat and working on some portion control.
on the bright side, 3 days in and I'm down a kilo/2 pounds!

My work's going really well though! really enjoying it all.

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Weight Loss Update: Week Something

I kinda forget what week this is.
Today I lost 1.7 kg, taking me down to 95.2 which is tied lowest I've been this year.  I have found that the uni gym scales are outta whack.  I'm gonna go weigh myself on them in a minute to be sure, but I *know* they're more than 200g outta whack (they tell me I'm lighter than I am)  that means that I've lost over 20kg!

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Weight Loss Week 14

Well, you know how last week I needed to lose 0.4kg to get back to where I was?

I lost 1.9kg baby! (4 lb, for you poor souls in the US!)

That takes me down to 95.2kg (209 lb)

which means what? Well, I started at a bit over 115kg, (253lb) so….

I've lost at least 19.8kg(~43.5lb) since February this year!!!!!!

Oh, My, God.  This is why maths is cool. *laughs*


Tony Ferguson Head Office has asked my TF Agency to put forward some people as potential promo folks.  They've (My Agency) asked me if (if I fit the criteria, which they read to me and were equally confused by) I'd be interested in being a Tony Ferguson posterboy!  (Includes $250/month to go towards fruit etc for the next 6 months).  Apparently, I've been one of their biggest losers!

I am so psyched!

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Weight loss week 6:

*cough cough*  I've been sick… that has meant all sorts of things from cheesecake to takeaway.  Having said that, I still lost 0.1 of a kg.  (about .25 of a pound, Kite)

I've also noticed that the girls at the pharmacy (where I get weighed) have been adding the weights wrong… 110.9-100.6 is 10.3, not 9.7, silly girl!  Why are you cheating me out of my "Wow! 10kg!"  I might point it out next time.  I did figure out where they mucked it up though.  (It comes from only subtracting from the previous weight and adding to the running total, rather than checking against the original weight.)

So, this week was not good for the waist, or my throat, but it was kinda good for the soul.  And I haven't been able to eat as much as I used to.  I mean, I felt physically bloated after about 1/2 my previously normal meal.  So… if nothing else it's helping in that regard! yay!

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Weight Loss Week 5 – 10kg Milestone!

Hey Hey!

I got weighed on Friday.

I lost 1.3 kg (2.9lb), and have lost 10.2kg (22.5lb) in 5 weeks.  That's over 10kgs since I started the Tony Ferguson Diet! 

I started deciding to go to the gym and get fit at 115kg, so I've lost 14.3kg (31.5lb) since then!

This week I'm going to hit the double digits, I'm currently 100.7kg!


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