I’m still here!

Hi everyone,

I'm still here, not that much in the way of news for you, but we went to the bank to arrange for a loan pre-approval thing, and they've given us more money than we asked for! Yay!

So now we get to look at houses in earnest! exciting stuff!

Work's still enjoyable for the most part, one of my co-workers pisses me off because while he can sell stuff, he doesn't necessarily sell the right stuff.  Or he's not aware of the relevant licensing, and refuses to be told anything.  He tried to tell a customer that they could use MS Office Home and Student in their business activities the other day.  Wrong, hefty copyright fines lie that way.

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The Long Arm of the Lackwit

Well.   You're probably wondering why I've not posted here with jubilation and glee about getting the job.

We don't know.  It's a wonderful situation where QLD is trying to contact Don's current boss (Both companies are in the Rio Tinto group) who is apparently not answering his phone.  That's the delay, and that's why they haven't offered us the job.  They have told us, though, that there is a very high probability that we will be getting a job offer.

So… Excitement again!

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How in the hell?

I wrote an absolutely ATROCIOUS Paper for my computer security class.  I mean seriously screwed. Crappy grammar, little clear direction, and a full on hanging sentence… I mean
"This is so that the system can determine whether

8. Conclusion"

etc etc
when I saw that, I could have cried.

My conlcusion was beautiful… except I didn't actually wind up arguing those points in the paper itself.
I don't quite understand how I got a CREDIT (60%) for this paper.  But hey, I'm not about to argue.  She's the genius, not me.

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yay working!

I got offered a somwhat more permanent position at the SoC helpdesk!  Instead of wrapping up that role at Easter, I've been asked to continue in an ongoing manner!

Next semester, assuming they still want me around then, I'm going to do no tutoring, because even though it's easy stuff, I'm not particularly enjoying it, and it's supposed to take me 3 hours/week total for each 1 hour/week of delvery (ie paid) time.  So yes. next semester, no tutoring, more helpdesk.

Wheeee! A job I'm enjoying, and where they seem to actually want me!

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