er… not well thought out?

Are they serious? People need a workshop manual for that?  notice that it says "16 years onwards, all models, shapes, sizes and colours."

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Tomorrow we've got people coming for tea -  I'm thinking Tuna Mornae for dinner… I'll post photos.

briefly – white sauce with diced onion, add some milk, add grated cheese, melt, add a 425g tin of tuna (drained) stir in, add frozen peas, stir till good, thinning with milk, thicken with cheese, serve over rice (pref with Corn, Peas and Capsicum)

so very tasty

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Long time no see


I'm not completely slack (well, maybe I am – but not intentionally!)

Life's been busy, there've been dogs, work and life in general to contend with, and I just haven't spent a lot of time on vox…

On the home front:
Big news – Don hit 40 last week!  None of our friends were in the area on the day, so we've got a couple coming over on friday night and a couple arriving on friday night and staying for the weekend.
There are flights booked to Tassie!  I fly out 2 Jan and get back on 17 Jan (starting work on 18 Jan… meh) and Don flies out 31 Jan, returning 12 Feb.  His sister has had a baby (child number 8), and would like Don to be there to be godfather – ironically, Don doesn't believe in God, and has never been a father.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing my friends and family there again.
The Dogs, Alva is still small, and Smokey is still gorgeous.  They've developed some not-so-lovely habits though – I've had some clothes and shoes ruined, and Don's had a pair of thongs destroyed.  The footwear is the larger dog – we've caught him in the act.  The clothing we believe is Alva – the holes aren't big enough in diameter for smokey to have chewed them.

Also, right now I have a (I presume) drunkard over the road shouting "fuck off" and "come here" and I'm not sure whether it's into his phone, or to someone he's with – he sounds very agitated.  I toyed with calling the police, but he was getting fainter, so there's not a lot of point.

I'm loving my job, I really am.  The other school technician has left for a District Office job, so his has become available… I'd take it too, except that they've sent him on secondment, which means that if he's sick of his job, or he ever completes his contract and they don't renew it… I'm out.  And while I'm sure Tannum would fix me up re secondment, I rather doubt that Gladstone SHS would put me on secondment, because then they have the same issues that Tannum is going to have filling the vacancy.

The people are great (in general) and I particularly enjoy my time with the Gladstone Technician.  The worst thing is trying to get a staff of 90 people to do something properly.  "Hmmm, if I flick this switch, I can turn off all the computers at once!" Yes, and you'll destroy all the hard drives in half the time hooray for warranty!

The enw house is going really well, it really suits us nicely!

See you soon!

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