Bloody people!

Sometimes I wonder why I talk to people.  In particular my predecessor John.
Apparently, his new job's not all that secure at the moment in the current location… And my genius principal decided to let him go off on secondment before, so he can decide to come back if his new job doesn't work, putting me back to my previous hodge-podge of positions and… and well, fuck.

John approached the principal last year and said "I'm going to go do this job, either I go on secondment, or I resign, and Dylan would put his hand up instantly for my position if I resigned, but has reservations about filling a secondment.  I'm happy to resign"  So the idiot says to the tech the entire school population has problems with: "Sure, go on secondment!"

Meanwhile, I've been working mammoth hours to try and keep things happening at anything like a smooth pace.  (We're down .5 of a FTE in the Tech Department since my predecessor left) meaning that there's a 1.5 FTE workload and 1.0 FTE employees.

I love my job, but sometimes I hate my workplace/employer
Aaaargh, fuck, fucking bloody fucking damn fucking technicians

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