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  2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
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Well, I don't quite know what I'm gonna write about that's new, (maybe it doesn't need to be) but here goes:

1) I'm a geek.  I love the gadgets and gizmos, that's what my "play money" usually gets spent on.
2) I'm overweight, but I'm losing weight!
3) I work at my university. Well, for another couple of weeks at least.  It depends on what units are run next semester as to whether I'll be tutoring or not, but my helpdesk position's going to end unfortunately.
4) I am incredibly afraid of spiders and heights.  Spiders I can vacuum if I absolutely have to (ie no-one else is here) but much prefer getting other people to vacuum.  (they essentially disintegrate en-route to the dust chamber)
5) I got married to a man in my church, by my father, who's a minister in a different denomination.
6) I have a little dog, despite not being a dog person prior to meeting husband.
7) I'm doing Honours in Computing.  It's killing me at the moment, but next semester it must be easier.
8) When I have time, I love reading Fantasy novels.

I'm gonna tag Cariad, NerdyGirl, OxygenGirl, and EvilWombatQueen.

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How the Ultra-religious piss me off

I go to a group called TasUnity.  I've blogged about it before, and I suspect I've blogged about this particular member before as well.

One of our members (we'll call him A) has applied for a job interstate, and another member, (on whom this post is focussed) this particular girl L is on some ultra-religious mind-trip.  Well, each month we go around the room and talk abuot how things have been for us in the last month.  After hearing about J's Astral Travel (not what she'd call it, but it's the closest I can come to providing an explanation that someone else would get), she decided she'd say "God is telling me He has a message for you, He says that if you don't get this job, He has something better for you."  Now that really pisses me off for a few reasons. 

1) How is she sure that it's God (and, for example, not Satan)? How can she say that?  I'm sure she thinks she's being nice and comforting, and in that case she might have been, but if she keeps this up she'll either say something that hurts someone, or she'll make a prediction that won't come true, and people will make decisions based on it.  Even when I was a Religious Nut myself, I felt that it was important to say "I think" or "I believe", before "I have a message from God for you." A is a minister, and quite a sensible guy, so I think that he was just nodding his head and basically ignoring it.

2) I think it's really important to find out whether the person actually wanted to hear this message.  She's lucky she didn't try saying something to me.  A was very gracious about it all, but not believing in an Intervening God, I have issues with prophecy, (y'know, it's kinda God intervening and all)

3) If it was really God, wouldn't he know if the job was going to happen?

Now, she also pissed me off by saying "we all believe that God created everything."  I almost jumped up and down, and said "now hang on, I'm not sure that I do"

Quite frankly, I don't think she gets what it is that I said a couple months ago about not believing in an intervening God.  We bumped into each other in the street and she said that she was struggling with something similar to what I was. I was intrigued, and asked what was going on.  She said that she was wondering if religion was just a big lie.  I responded with something like "Well, wasn't it Marx that said that Religion was the opiate of the masses" only to be met by a blank look.  I don't think that Religion is a lie.  Some portions of it might be, but some of it is just going to be misconceptions, mistakes, and the kernel of truth that's always there somewhere.  This was 5 days before the Prophecy Incident.

I have some suspicions about what might be happening, I'm expecting to find out that she's having seizures again.  apparently some epileptics have seizures in a portion of the brain and those seizures cause out of body experiences and profound religious experiences.

Well, that's me for today!

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Weight Loss: End of Week 1


I went for my weigh-in today! I lost 3.4kg (~7lb) this week!  Considering I haven't been able to go to the gym until I recover from a small injury (eta 2-3 weeks) that's bloody fantastic! (actually, that's bloody fantastic anyway!)

Anyhoo, thought that some of you might want to know, the rest of you, ignore it.

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Major Life Changes in the works.

Hey Hey,

I'm fat.

I'm 5'11" (180cm) and I weigh 111kg (244 pounds).  This is Obese.  This is Not Good.  This is better though, than 115 a couple of months ago.  I want to be 75kg, that's a healthy weight for me, apparently, (and I felt like I looked pretty good at 75kg)

I'm about to start the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Plan.  It's one of those 2 meals replaced kind of diets.  Hubby is doing it too.

Also: I'm practically off caffiene.  At the moment all I need is one cup in the morning, and I'm fine as long as I have hot water the rest of the time.

I know you don't necessarily want my weight updates, but I'm planning on posting them once a week.

Wish me luck!

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