Those weird dreams

Well, I've had an odd dream or two in the last month.  Not odd-bad, just odd subject matter.

In the first one, I'm riding a bicycle through a plaza in Singapore. Couldn't tell you why it was Singapore, it was kinda the bottom of a skyscraper which had pebbles-in-concrete and angular concrete going to the main building with arches in it, and little shops on the ground floor accessible from the outside.  Now, the fact that I remember having a dream at all is bizarre in itself.  But in the first one (about a month ago) I was riding with documents in my hand which I had to get to TFC!  I can't remember what they were, but I remember that they were urgent.  I got them to her, and we walked for a couple of minutes before she said she couldn't lunch with me that day, we'd have to arrange another time. Thus Endeth Dream 1.

Dream 2 – which I had this morning, I'm cycling around the same plaza, looking for TFC's work – We'd arranged the lunch we talked about in the previous dream.  (and yes, I was aware that it was a previous dream)  I go cycling and cycling and can't find it, I'm pissed off because I could find it just fine when it wasn't for just the pleasure of her company, and now I'm having trouble.  Then a cop yells at me because there's no cycling in this plaza, so I cycle off and determine that I should text TFC to find out where she works.  I get off the bike and walk for a while in a lush parkland (without texting) then I think about texting her on my iPhone (seriously, the words in my head were "I should text her on my iPhone!") and as I pulled said device out of my pocket I woke up.

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means or why I dreamt it.

Have you been sending me psycho energy TFC?  I mean, I don't tend to dream about girls…

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I just made this today…

A layer of dark chocolate, a layer of minty awesomeness, and a layer of dark chocolate.

Recipe is available at:

double to triple the peppermint essence (TFC, I have no idea what you could use instead of essence to make it all minterrific, but ooooh, orange stuff! mmmmmmmmm…)  I have just learned that it is important to let the icing mixture sit for the 2 minutes – otherwise it crystallises too much too fast and the layers fragment when you go to cut it.

very rich and quite sweet – consume in small doses.

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