Shuxiang, Shuxiang, Shuxiang…


under 5 minutes into lectures this morning Shuxiang contradicted his own slides. (well, he contradicted the slides he was using, at least.) talking about Memory construction, and the fact that memory is often wider than one byte.

"Memory is usually 16, 32, or 64 Bytes" said Shuxiang, Bits said the slides. up goes the hand at the end of the lecture "Shuxiang, in Slide 5, your slides and you don't match, which is it, bytes or bits?" "Beets" replies Shuxiang. (translation: Bits) and this is the moron who's setting the unit? ffs people!

Later on he said "an unused process is one which is never used". and I thought, "I'm paying $700/unit to listen to -this-?"

well, that's my moan about Shuxiang over (for now, it's a recurring theme)

then came Mobile and Ubiq, tutorial about HTML-MP which was pretty simple, just HTML, Miss C.

and our tutor had a haircut! no longer does he have long hair, this has made him look -so- much nicer.

then it was time for the Gym with C and Izzie. That was fun, even if they did leave me all alone at the end (nah, 'sok, they had classes) this Gym thing is pretty nice.  C, our instructor wore a very nice tight shirt…


Came home, have done some housework, and now must off to do some more for a bit, then work on my assignment.

so overall, a good day.

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well, I went to town to take things back to stores for a customer of mine.  I -hate- when things don't work.

did some other stuff like buying Don's Birthday present, over 2 months early :D. I think this is pretty awesome! got myself a new wallet, which was really nice, looked at some colognes, but decided not to bother.

Worked on my assignment and Moaned to the Divine Miss C about how horrible it was. She very kindly listened and semi-proofed it.

so, for Tuesday I'm going to the gym with C and Erin. and have some classes with Shuxiang :S

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Did the church thing, last week as Duty Leader, which is nice.

So, I went to the gym today, with Erin, and what do you think I saw…

that's right! I saw some -fine- looking men, who appeared to have (to quote Patsy) "buns so tight they were bouncing off the walls".  It was one of those times that makes you wish the Gym doesn't require tops.

Did some groceries, mainly junkfoods.  This is a predictable problem after going to the Gym, I must figure something else out.

I don't know what else I did today really, got home, did nothing really. (which is bad, assignment due Wednesday.)

um, that's it for today

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