A story of how tourism was trumped….

… by Canasta and Monopoly. 

I'm writing this lying in bed on my last morning in Brisbane.  I've been staying with Miss C and her gf, aka myself, and we've had a fantastic time.  (well, I have, I'll have to wait for the girls to weigh in on that, I guess.)

I arrived on Friday, at which time we went inside, I was fed some coffee (really good coffee too, I brought it from home as a housewarming present, but I bought it from Guatemala (my friend owns a plantation there)) and Ben, the girls and I played Canasta.  Good times.  Friday night was Trivial Pursuit, I teamed up with Jodi, and we managed to win by the skin of our teeth.  Saturday we went shopping, and I got 4 really nice tops, a pair of shorts, some socks and some shoes, I think for under $200.  When we got back, C was feeling snoozy, so aka and I played another round of Canasta.  We went out to The Beat, and danced the night away (well, until about midnight, when we were all ready to hit the hay.)  Sunday was a lazy day.  We got up about 9:30-10, C, aka and I had a 3-way Canasta game, wandered down to Southbank and the CBD where we had a nice dinner, came back to the house and played Monopoly.  And now it's monday, and I'm gonna get up, shower, finish packing, and then I'm driving home again.  It's about a 5.5-6hour drive.  I have Terry Pratchett's Making Money as an audiobook, and that's really good fun!

Thanks C & aka, I've had a blast!

Good luck with Francis the Feisty Female Fighting Fish  (Stabby, Stabby and Bitey, *giggles*)

in nonlesbian news, I'd also like to congratulate kite on moving in with her man!

Love to all my girls!

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Workin’ 9 to 5….

Well, it's been aaaaaaages.

I've got a new job for a couple days a week, still doing 4 days a week at Chandlers.  The new Job is as a Computer Tech for the Tannum Sands State High, and hours are 7:30-4, Mondays and Tuesdays.

For Easter, I'm cruising down to Brisbane, to go see Miss C and her awesome girlfriend aka_myself (who I'll be meeting for the first time ever)  I'm soooooo looking forward to it!

more info soon (provided I remember!)

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