QotD: There’s No Place Like Home

What's your definition of home?
Submitted by NayNay72

Home is…  I don't know really.  Home is a few things.  Home is an emotional attachment to a location.  My home will always be in Tasmania, I think.  Home is wherever your surroundings are yours.  My room in Launceston is Home, as is Mum and Dad's house in Penguin, as is the house in Lulworth, and as is the Swift to an extent.  At Home you have roots and things which connect you to important times. 

Home is where I feel most comfortable.  Home is in your own bed.  Home is the space in which you can just be you, where you don't have to worry what other people will think of whatever you're about to do.  Home is where the batteries recharge. 

Home is what you make it, really.  But the best definition of home that I can come up with is:
Home is a place which relaxes you upon entering… "I'm home, ahhhhhh" *kick off shoes and flop down on the couch and just sit for a while* that's home to me.

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QotD: How You Doin?

What's the best pick up line you've ever heard?

Don't have a good pickup line, but I *have* heard an awesome rebuttal.  (unfortunately, I wish it was actually in a bar situation, and not what a friend was told upon calling back after a date)
"I think we'd make better strangers."

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