Well, I'm trying this thing where I type stuff in this box at least once a week whether or not I have anything worthwhile to say. 

I'm feeling so tired! It's weird… I work hard while I'm at work, but really, it shouldn't account for how screwed I feel when I get home.  And I'm in IT, so I don't do physically strenuous stuff regularly.

I had a very stressful day the other day, I worked on a colleague's home computer, and there was an issue with her hard drive (containing all her kids' photos from the last 4 years, etc)  Been quite stressed until earlier today, when she called and said "your software worked! I have all my files back!"

I'm writing this as I watch a wanker US Wrestler answer Australiana questions and pretend to be "Australian" failing miserably on Good News Week.  It's hilarious! Paul McDermott and everyone else is making the hugest amount of fun of him and he's amazingly oblivious!

Um… I've started fundraising for the Cancer Council's Relay for Life
Basically funds raised go towards cancer research or programs to support survivors/sufferers.
If you can see your way clear, please donate here:

I'm done! see you later!

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The other day I got a message from TFC asking if I had Skype – I do.  I sent her a message back saying I did, and my username (I then went and re-downloaded the Skype Client).  I didn't expect to talk to her for a little while, but figured getting the groundwork organised was a Good Idea.  She was online!  We chatted for 2 hours!  I had a great time (and not just because she's the only person who reads my blog).  She told me I need to blog more often… I mean, it's true, I'm pretty slack when it comes to posting on my Vox, but ya didn't have to say it! (well, it did precipitate this blog entry, so it was somewhat effective.)

Things at work have been majorly busy – I'm tech support for a High School and 2 schools regularly, plus another 6 schools on-call… and the staff don't necessarily seem to listen to me.  I told someone twice in one conversation that I didn't have access to do what they needed, and who might – so they sent the student in question to the office! I don't know why I open my mouth sometimes!

I've been to most of my schools so far, but there are a couple that are about 100km+ from my house… fortunately they're small schools I have to go to infrequently.

Yup, I'm out of things to say. Cya!

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Horrifying Epiphany = Actual Action

The other day I got on the scales after my new clothes felt a bit tight…
I weighed 101.4 kg (~202lb).
I'd gained back 14kg!

This is not on.  Back to actually thinking about what I eat and working on some portion control.
on the bright side, 3 days in and I'm down a kilo/2 pounds!

My work's going really well though! really enjoying it all.

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