I’m sure I’ve heard this plan before…

the whole webcomic is a spoof of all sorts of Role-Playing games, specifically The Final Fantasy Series, but today's episode: "Like New Coke" reminds me of Telstra…  Who have this plan down to perfection, except that they forget to factor in product life-cycles, y'know, stuff like "This will be obsolete in 10 years."  The obviously schedule the "and everyone'll thank us for it!" section for post-obsolescence.

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QotD: Burning Question

If you could ask any question in the world and get a true answer, who and what would you ask? 
Submitted by jaypo.

Not enough information.  Would the truth of the answer be dependant on whether the person I as believes that it is true? or is it the unequivocal truth?

if the latter, I'd be asking something like "Does God Exist?" or "Does God Intervene?"

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QotD: Can’t Do Without…

What food item would you miss the most if it were removed from your diet and recipes? 
Submitted by scorpion1116.  

one of chicken, garlic, onion, Sweet Chilli Sauce.  I don't just make garlicky chicken though… have you ever tried my chickeny garlic? 😛

I don't much like cooking beef.  so I eat a lot of chicken, and I love stir-fries.  and my usual stir-fry starter base:
Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Onion.  So… (I use the last 3 in a great number of other dishes, almost all my savoury dishes have a dash of Sweet Chilli Sauce in them, a bit of garlic, and (at least part of) an onion.)

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I just read this.

And thus I posted:
Actually, most of that article has been lifted straight from emails that go around from time to time.  I haven't had this version, and whoever has done this one has at least had the sense to remove the statement that "In God We Trust" is on the money.  It was obviously from America originally.

The first couple of paragraphs change each time.  The last one I got was a woman who wanted to have her drivers' license photo taken with her veil on.

In Australia, there's not any real public debate about whether it is appropriate to display anything religious on school walls.  (apart from anti-any-religious-group stuff).

Most Moslems believe in God too.  "Allah" is literally translated "God"

When did Howard supposedly say this(August 25th, 2005, according to iht)?  we had our federal election in November, and it was determined that Howard had lost by December.

There is a certain amount of assimilation that needs to occur from any migrant moving here, but we need to have some tolerance as well.  For the record, the people who are griping about the flag (to my knowledge, at least) are the people from whom the land was stolen a little over two centuries ago.

What Pledge?  The Pledge of Commitment?  Most Australians have never taken a pledge in their life!

As for Christian Beliefs.  We're presently at about 2/3 Christian as at the 2006 Census. (12,685,836 Christians of 19,855,288 Australians)  I'm a Deist, but come from a Christian background, and while I have a fondness for the faith, it's not for me.  It seems that the major monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all wind up having their version of the Crusades at a certain point in their religious life cycle.  From my understanding of the topic, Islam is actually a bit late in having theirs. Judaism documented their Crusades in the Old Testament, Christianity had The Crusades in (I think) the 11th-14th centuries and Islam was formed around 600AD-1200.  This is not saying that I think that it's right.  It's saying that just because Christianity has been through it, it is not superior to Islam in any particular way.
It bugs me how this stuff keeps bubbling to the surface.

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It may not be exciting to you, but we've finally been got ADSL hooked up! Until now, I've been on ISDN, which is better than dial-up, but is really equivalent of 2 landlines working in tandem.  Come to think of it, that's almost exactly how it worked.  anyway, Dialup: 56kbps total.  ISDN: 128kbps in each direction.  ADSL: on our plan: 1536kbps in and 256 kbps out.  We have fast(ish) internet!  Oh! and I'm getting a house antenna for the mobile, so I'll actually have mobile reception at home! yay!  That makes living here more like living in a scenic suburb of somewhere but less busy.  or something.  Well, at least I don't have to put in my job apps to call the landline if the mobile goes to messagebank because I don't get reception.  And when people send me giant emails, I promise not to bitch about them any more.  You know who you are. 😛

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Tagged Reading

I got tagged by EvilWombatQueen: (sorta)

Here are the rules

1. Grab your nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

5. Tag 5 different people.

"Before you start collecting evidence, it is important to know the different types of evidence categories.  Without taking these into consideration, you may find that the evidence you've spent several weeks and quite a bit of mony collecting is useless.

Real evidence is any evidence that speaks for itself without relying on anything else"

Computer Forensics – Computer Crime Scene Investigation, John R Vacca, Charles River Media, 2002

How depressing is it that that is closest book to me.   One of these days I'll actually read it.

I don't have many people to tag so Kite, HerRoyalKainess, esta86, you're it

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Well, hasn’t the time just flown by!

Lets see… My last post was on the 14th, which means, oh! it means I've actually graduated since my last post, and in fact, so has my sister.  I hold a Bachelor of Computing, while my sister has just completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Furniture design and a Minor in Sculpture.

She's good, she's REALLY good.  She makes gorgeous furniture Like the stuff I'm about to show you

This is a Cat Bookshelf.  Each of those cats is a full 3d 360 degree sculpture of a cat, made out of wood.  The blurb she put with this, and the theme of her work is "In the past, Animals have played a supporting role.  I believe they should continue to do so."  or something like that.  It doesn't sound as funny when I try and remember it. lol.

This is a table and chairs set.  Unfortunately not for sale, these were produced in (I believe) her first year of furniture design.  The vase and the flowers are bought, but if you look carefully, you can see a whole bunch of painted fish.  They're pretty awesome, I want her to make me some.

So she's a great artist. And a crap organiser.  Her exhibition opening was the night before her graduation, mainly to accomodate us who were going down for the graduation.  It ran very smoothly, and there was heaps of food.  I suspect that's because she left it until a week before the event to even half-heartedly send out invitations.  She didn't actually email anyone except her lecturer, who she asked to forward the email, and she called her church down there and asked them to please mention that her exhibition opening was happening (I'm not sure quite how detailed her message was)  So there was My brother and I, mum, dad, Sister, Sister's Furniture Design Lecturer, and the people Sister Boarded with while studying.  We catered for up to 50 people.  Frustration plus.  Her Graduation was nice, it was muhc shorter than my own, which was held in an un-air-conditioned old hall which is quite impressive, but not somewhere you want to be sitting for 300 names and a keynote speech and a bunch of ritual. (90 minutes).  Sister's graduation ceremony lasted about 45-60 minutes, there were only about 90 Students for hers. hmmm.  Oh! so for my graduation, I'd already looked into restaurants and booked a place for dinner a month in advance.  Sister hadn't decided where she wanted to go 10 minutes before dinner.  She said "Lets go to the Casino for Tea!" when we got to the car, and that was fine, the Casino there does really nice food.  She didn't like one of the restaurants there because the food seemed too fancy (They talked it up by mentioning locations and brands) then we looked at the buffet option, and apparently there was nothing that grabbed her fancy.  Now, I understand these sentiments, but that's why you plan these things in advance!  We stuck with the Buffet place, because it looked quite nice, and there was stuff there everyone liked.

So… I love my sister dearly, but I'll never leave her in charge of organising something I'm attending again if I can help it.

In other news, we went to mum and dad's for Christmas, and that was nice.  We didn't go to boat harbour for the ultra-family do, and that was nice too (mum's extended family all get together at boat harbour, in a not-large house, and there are 30+ of them.

I've had some trouble getting computer bits delivered.  Apparently for Tasmanian/Australian Couriers, the Bass Strait takes 5+ working days to cross. Interestingly, AusPost and International Mail doesn't seem to have that issue.  You know something's up when a parcel from America can arrive in 4 days, and a Domestic Courier takes 5.

I've just ordered a new Laptop for uni, I figure that Scholarship means I can afford to replace my current machine (Not that there's anything actually wrong with my current laptop, it's about 3 years old)  So I sprang for commercial licenses of Office so I can use Standard software for my business.

Finally, the poor little dog is not going to be happy with me.  I've just booked her in to be desexed.  She's just kinda reached -that- age.  But still, it's for her own good.

That's my news really.  Oh, and I finally confirmed that I'm in honours. apparently they sent me a letter of offer in November, but I never received it.  oh well, problem solved, I got them to print me out a new one.

I aim to not be so slack with my vox from now on.

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