Exams are over, Holidays beginning

Well hello there, to the sane, and to the less so, who are like myself.   (I'm writing this at some point of my inebriation, (a fishbowl, 1.5 vodka+green apples, and 1 Scotch and Coke in, to be precise. (yes, I mix my drinks, but never the types, if I start with top shelf, I stay there, if I start on wine, I stay there too, my issues come when I mix wine and spirits.) so if I'm incoherent, I'll hopefully fix it tomorrow. 'k? 🙂 )

it's 12:31AM right now, and at 9am "yesterday" (which still seems like today, but that will fade) I started my final exam of the semester. Which was also, interestingly, -the- final exam of the semester.  It was Introduction to Logic, a unit that had a special place in my heart. I may have moaned about it in the past, but I loved logic in year 12, and AI last year.  The way humans think and reason interests me.  I'd love to do its successor, Logic In Philosophy, but by the time that's offered, I'll be in my honours course, and not be able to do regular coursework units. I wish I'd known about the prerequisite issues last year when I could have done Logic in Semester 1 last year, and Logic in Philosophy this year. but alas… it wasn't meant to be.

perhaps I'll just sit in on the lectures while I'm in for my honours stuff? I like that idea, no assignments, just the fun of gaining knowledge.

Yes, I'm that sort of person, I fear I'll always be learning something, I can't help it, I love acquiring knowledge and bettering myself.  Honours will be grand!  Learning -new- knowledge is an awesome thought. Learning things that are new to the collective mind of humanity has a kind of warm and fuzzy feeling associated with it for me.

Where was I, oh! the logic… Conjunctions and Conditionals, Existential and Universal Quantifiers, I love the idea of being able to objectively assess an argument based on the content of the argument.

This semester has seen me begin listening to The Skeptics Guide, and I have tried my best to keep pace with the Skeptical rogues, in my own head, figure out where they're going with their thoughts, and identify logical fallacies in arguments as I plod along in life.  It's fun! Really think about what you're saying when you try to convince someone of something. Then think about whether your argument really holds together, is there an unstated major premise, or are you falling into the slippery slope trap (where your argument says that if you take this view, the extreme of the view must also be accepted, not that I can think of a good example right now.), are you confusing correlation with causation (I had to deal with this one the other day, a friend and I were talking about the legalisation of dope, and he said that dope causes cancer.  I hadn't heard of that, and asked to see the study he was talking about, (he didn't know, he'd just been told that that was the case) I responded saying that since Dope on its own doesn't burn easily, it is often mixed with known carcinogenic compounds (ie tobacco) to encourage it to release the drug, that it was possible that the test had actually noticed that dope use correlated with cancer, and therefore assumed "Dope causes cancer", where it is entirely possible that dope use is just an indicator for other high-risk behaviours such as tobacco smoking.) (My argument was that consistency must be applied. That either Dope, and other drugs, should be made legal, on the basis that Tobacco has proven long-term dangers and is a legalised, addictive drug habit, OR that Cigarettes and Tobacco products be declared illegal on the basis of their definite long-term effects, even when used in moderation.)

I would dearly love for real critical thinking to be taught in public schools here in Tassie, Australia.  I'm disturbed by the notion that had I not stumbled across The Skeptics Guide, and Logic as a discipline, I might never have really thought about what I know and how I know it, never have really understood how to debate, how to form meaningful questions which address flaws in my own or others arguments.  The closest we've gotten here , is the basic Scientific Experimental Design idea that you change the fewest number of variables possible while changing at least one to validate or invalidate a hypothesis.

I loved the unit, and I'd love to do its' successor, but I don't think I'll be able to.  All I can say is, learn about logic, and you'll have a skill you can apply to everyday situations whatever you're in.  (being able to say "your argument is invalid, your conclusion does not truly come from its assumptions" is handy here and there, such as "why my idea should be implemented, vs Jones's Idea.)

oh yes! Holidays are beginning.
well, they are. I'm planning to get some movies and watch them, I'm going to play WoW and love it.  I've already revamped my website: www.dcarm.com Other than that, I don't know. hopefully we will get our kitchen renovations complete. (there's not much left to complete of them right now, just some vinyl and stuff) and then you will get pictures. (some before and afters, for sure)

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QotD: Do Not Want (To Eat)

What do you absolutely refuse to eat?

There is nothing which is culturally accepted as food in Western Tradition (including Chinese etc) which I will refuse. by choice I'll avoid Brussels Sprouts and strong fish, however

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Intellectual Dishonesty, and a certain blogger

I was interested by a post I saw when I did something… added a comment perhaps?
So I looked at it, and I asked Questions.

Apparently, this is not a good thing to be doing.

The post in question was: Give me BLOOD N' Fire and I will REBUILD the World in HIS Image
I also looked at "
Overcoming Thought Control and Treading on ALL the Control Data"

As I posted responses, he would answer, and in less than 5 minutes, delete at least my question, and often his response.

He doesn't address my questions on his blog, and so I'm inviting him to address them on mine, where I'll see them, but his loyal fans don't have to.  The more I talk to him, the more I wonder about the nature of a man who dodges questions so much.

Responses to "Blood'n'Fire"


well…  fortunately, I get to decide what I post. so I'm going to keep posting the comment history in my posts.  That's -my- choice.

Interesting how you went from "young man" in your previous post to "young woman".

All I'm asking is that you actually answer my questions. and I haven't had that happen yet.


I wait with baited breath to see this Bio, and since it will also address my questions about your involvement with the group, I must assume you know the founder.

I make no claims that you shouldn't do what you choose to do, I'm simply asking for some clarification as to why you're doing them.

If your cause is just, why are you squelching my comments?  I would like to know what you expect me to see by that command. I'm already a Christian (I'm expecting that's what you mean by "You will See")

It is very interesting that you keep deleting my comments. Why are you afraid of some analytical questions appearing next to your work?

My previous comment and his response:


Friends of Blood'n'Fire…

not what I asked for.

I want to know what Blood'n'Fire actually do. What they actually believe.

If you're not involved, why are you endorsing them, especially if you can't actually tell me what they are specifically.  (And by posting about them on this blog, you -are- endorsing them.) What is your connection with this group?

I would like to point out that although you have put a lot of references in your response (so many that I feel overwhelmed just looking at the list). Your headings don't actually equate to an answer to the questions I posed.

In particular, I asked about Values (I'm willing to accept what is already in this post, although I feel they are very broad), Focus, History, and "What we do". I'm guessing you've just given me a list of "What we do" although you say they're friends of the movement, rather than members or initiatives.

You switch from "Friends of Blood'n'Fire who share our heart…" to "I am not involved directly"  Why is that?

To Close, why exactly did you add the section from Hebrews and the scripture from Micah after I made my post?


I am trying top locate the Bio on the Founder of Blood N' Fire which willa ddress your questions.

However, what I choose to do, I choose to do.

Young man I am going to touch your eyes and you will see, RIGHT NOW.



I only keep things that really interest me.

If you didn't interest me , young woman, I would simply let you go and your comments with you.

YOu will definitely breathe, BUT it will be the Breath of the Life of the World.

YOU have already inhaled. SO EXHALE! into that John 3:8 wind.

If your comments interest me, I will keep them if they don't then I am going to let them go.


Your rogation and interrogation is interesting and I will answer you BUT I DECIDE which comments I keep.



And my responses to Mind Control:



If free will was an illusion why did Jesus choose the Cross in Gethsemane?

Our Freewill and the prevenient Grace of God's omniscience are in perpetual and convergent simultaneity to each other.

Try Breathing….you are hitting the constraints of your worldview.

Ideology is when ideas have us, Revelation is when we have HIS ideas about US.

There are two types of Headhunters in the world - those you do see coming and those that are trying to reprogramme your thoughtlife, which need to be taken captive in submission to the LORD Jesus Christ – 2 Corinthians 10:5…."We take every thought captive…"

If you have to ask, "who is programming you?" then you need the Cross. The MIND of Christ is revealed through the Cross of Christ.


Now, I'm a Christian, Baptised at 12, Church Elder @ 21, so your last statement is fairly useless.

The Mind of Christ is surely the Mind of God, and something that humanity is not equipped to deal with.

Absolutely, take every thought captive.  that's what I'm trying to do here, is take your thoughts as presented here, and process them.  I'm doing that, but without any of the evidence you obviously have available to you, I can't very well determine the validity of your statements as they apply to my life.

what thought control and programming phenomena are you talking about?

I'm actually not arguing that free will is an illusion.

What I'm saying is that according to your statement, is there a situation in which Free Will truly exists?

Free Will and God knowing what I'm going to do before I do it are always coming together at the same time. (I think I translated that right) No Problem.  I can deal with such an apparent paradox with no major difficulty.  (How does Omniscience have Grace, on a tangent)

Have I created a false dichotomy here?

If you have just said "every fallen human agency has a fallen spiritual agency motivating and directing their actions"  Then anything less than the carrying out of God's Will is indirectly, but ultimately attributable to the fallen spiritual agency doing the directing.  Much in the same way that the carrying out of God's Will is indirectly but ultimately attributable to God.  Are we attributing spiritual-realm powers and motivations to things which are simply an artefact of human free will?

I'm trying to break free of the contraints of my worldview, Help me out with that by answering the questions, perhaps by understanding what you mean, I can better understand the world.

In the meantime, you talk about the Control Data… what is that?


Sorry they're not more complete, but it took a couple of postings before I realised what he was doing.

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QotD: Change The Channel

Who's the most annoying person on TV?

There are so many, I just can't whittle them down to just one… oh, wait, that idiot from Deal or No Deal, who wants to be a Millionaire, and many other gameshows-turned-idiocy-glorified by none other than the Numbskull Eddie McGuire.

if ever there has been a man for whom stupidity would be a terminal disease, it is this man.

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Today was exam 2 of 3… Algorithms.

Dijkstra's, Kruskal's, Sorting… it was actualy alright, I think I did really well (and yes C, I'm happy to be -good- at algorithms :P)

There was one question I know I didn't get… Dynamic Programming… I could see the right way to go intuitively, but I couldn't find a deterministic method (ie to write the algorithm I was supposed to) so I wrote one that found a non-worst solution rather than a best solution. I figure that I might get something for using design techniques.

so that's all I have to report really.

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Exams & Friends

Well, today, as some of you know, was my first exam for the semester, Human Computer Interaction… a kinda cool subject about interface design.  However, it's a very subjective topic, and so it's not necessarily what you say, as much as the justification as to why that's the case.  I'm fine with that in an assignment setting, or a time when I have access to whatever resources I like. I freak out about it a little when I have 30 minutes to write an essay on why that screen looks like shit.  (and it did. it was disgusting. I'm not kidding.)

So I crapped on about continuity a hell of a lot, the fact that it had about 3 different colour schemes, depending on what section of the site you're checking. (you could really draw lines between scheme a,b, and c).  the fonts didn't match up, text boxes broke out of containers… it was a schomozzle of a page (for reference, it was the Novotel website viewed in (what appears to be) Safari)

There were a couple of questions I thought "what the fuck?"  and there were a large quantity of mobile-device-specific questions.  I wouldn't mind, except that there is a whole unit dedicated to mobile devices. It's called "Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing" and yes, HCI plays a part, but it is in no way only (or even mainly) applicable to mobile devices.  It's applicable to anything you use, including analogue world objects.

after, I caught up with Miss C and Ben, and that was nice, they'd been shopping.
I alwayus love hanging out with B&C

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QotD: Fascinating Class

What is the most interesting class you have ever taken? 
Submitted by Melissa

ever? that's hard… I think I'm going to go with Introduction to Logic… basically a course which deals with classical logic, quantification theory, and identity.  I'd love to go on and do Philosophy and Logic, but it won't be offered while I'm still doing coursework… damn…

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QotD: In Case Of Emergency

Who is your Alert In Case Of Emergency person?  

Don. My husband/lover/partner/whatever you want to call him.

who else would it be, really?

I mean, C and I had a discussion a while ago about who among our friends we'd trust to pull the plug if we were being kept alive on support.  It was a strange discussion, but nice at the same time, it was a really interesting trust exercise…  The consensus was that we would never want to put any of our friends in that position, but there were a couple we'd trust to make the right decision.

This has just sparked me thinking though… why don't I want to put my friends in that position, but I'm happy to put Don in it? something to ponder…

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QotD: That’s Just Cruel

What's the weirdest baby name you've ever heard (or considered)?

Well… I read "Conraception" in a baby book once… I'll give you a hint, its meaning is only one letter away from its spelling… that's right, name your baby "Conraception" and you're naming it Contraception. What sicko calls their baby Contraception, I mean really… Unloved Kid Syndrome much?

a friend of a friend called her daughter Sugarplum, or was it honeyapple… it was a sugary fruit, I know that…

one horrible instance is I know a woman who called her son Vanessa.  Absolutely, I agree with the principle of abolishing sexism in all forms (that's a girl's name is still sexist), but to actually call a boy Vanessa? unmerciful teasing would have to result. In fact, the boy has now shortened his name to Van, and I have to say I don't blame him.  Parents need to be careful about using their children to further their own beliefs, either in this, or in pushing their children to do something with public repercussions, etc (yes, I'm thinking of the Horbucks Coffee Episode of South Park because I can't think of a real-world example at the moment).

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QotD: The History of S

What sites show up if you type "S" into your browser's address bar?

http://store.artonline.net.au a site I built for a launceston artist.
www.skepchick.org dedicated to female critical thinkers, but a great resource and blog
www.selectv.com.au because I was looking into changing from Austar (they don't have the channels we watch)

and those account for the top 6 entries

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