Make your bills disappear!

Here's how I turned a $480 phone bill into $15 credit! Now that I have your attention, our simple system… um, actually, I'll give you the real info.  We all remember the Telstra Phone Saga? yes? good.  And we know that we finally have ADSL? excellent.  Well… we got a phone bill yesterday, from Telstra.  And I took a look.  It was Sizeable.  ($480 is Sizeable, I think) I wasn't quite expecting that amount.  So I looked at it.  I read it reasonably carefully.  and I found 5 problems with the account for this month alone. 

So: Step 1, find mistakes in your bill.

I called our Case Manager, Gloria.  Well, no, I attempted to call our case manager Gloria on the Telstra "Ring us direct if you already have a complaint lodged with us" number.  It connected, told me there is a longer than average queue, and that if I could hold, that would be wonderful, and if not, please call back on the next business day.  Well, I tried to hold, twice, and as soon as the recording stopped, I got the characteristic BEEP BEEP BEEP of being hung up on.
So I called the general Billing Complaints number.  I did that 4 times in an hour because at random intervals, I'd just hear "beep beep" usually when I suspect that I was about to be put on hold.

Step 2: get hung up on a few times

finally, I was connected to a consultant who did not hang up on me.  in fact, I was on the line for the entire duration of my call. (well duh, but you know what I mean)  I explained to her The Saga and the new stuff that happened today and  the problems with today's bill.

Step 3 (easy): convince the consultant you're sick of Telstra

finally, the whole process may take 2 hours, but a pay rate of $245/hr is pretty good, imho
step 4: have a glass of wine. (may be enacted concurrently with 1-3)

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A start at the Uni

Well, tomorrow, I start at the Uni of Tasmania as an honours student! I've also been offered a temporary job on the help desk for the first four weeks of semester at least, for about 8 hours a week.  I was so impressed, and obviously I've impressed the local help desk staff, since they didn't advertise the position, they called and told me they were hoping that one of my project members from last year (one of the ones I really liked) would be interested in the other position.
So I hadn't applied, and there was a job for me, about 8 hours a week.  And I've also put my name down to do a couple of tutorials a week.  So hopefully I'll be bringing in some money while I study!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Well, it's my birthday *checks time* today, Don gave me his presents early… he gave me $100 towards a media Centre PC (which is sitting in the entertainment unit just nicely!), and he gave me an installation of the Mobile Antenna setup that Telstra have (hopefully) paid for for me.  (He's the handy-man, and I am… not. lol)  lookin' forward to having James, Ben, and C around for a small party, and then off to Mum and Dad's on Sunday, for mum's birthday, and possibly back again in a week for Brother's birthday

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Angry about Ledger

I'm sick of hearing about him.  Well, no, I'm not, but I am sick of hearing all sorts of unfounded rumours, particularly when they are spouted by the same mouth that says "We'll have to wait for the autopsy before we really know anything"  Then stop talking you daft woman! It really bugs me that these people who claim to love Heath Ledger can't stop dragging his name through the mud claiming that "this video will unlock the secret of Ledger's Death" (talking about a video 2 years old which shows him doing drugs).  No, that video won't.  You really want the autopsy, y'know real facts?  Misinformation and rumour mills really piss me off.  It's even worse when it's passed off as news, and not just celeb gossip, like it has been recently.  (at least, I know it was on Today Tonight, and I think on "Today", as well)

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