I skyped it up with Sha the other day and she reminded me how slack I’d been re: this blog.  I didn’t realise it had been quite so *long*!   So… I’m posting again.

Well, I’ve changed jobs! I’m now an IT guy with our local power station.  50% pay rise, happy birthday to me!  The people are fantastic, and the work is really interesting

Other than that… We’ve seen flooding in our area of the world (well, “seen”, it was North, South and West of us.) and the way the locals deal with impending disaster (hoard, panic-buy, trample, and generally behave like two-year-olds).

We’ve booked our holiday back to Tasmania!  We’re heading back in August (Brrrr… Cold… to put it in context, we went for Don’s job interview in August – when our flight left it was -4C and the car doors were frozen shut.  It was 21C when we arrived in Gladstone.)  So looking forward to that!

What I’ve decided is that I really miss Vox.  I liked my little voxerhood, and they just don’t seem to exist in the same way now.